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  1. Recently I have witnessed more than one incident of grammar correction on this board. The most recent one was not very civil and distracted from the topic. Perhaps we should paraphrase part of the title page of the Book of Mormon. "And now, if there are grammatical errors they are the mistakes of men; wherefore, distract not from the topics, that ye may avoid being thread banned."
  2. "Until death do you part." That phrase that is part of so many marriage ceremonies may not mean what many LDS claim it means (shameless PB paraphrase). I've been to enough non-LDS funerals to know that many people believe they will be reunited with their loved ones in heaven in the next life. Even yesterday on Facebook one of my friends (non-LDS) announced the passing of his pet cat and talked about how he looked forward to reuniting with his beloved pet in heaven. Back to "Until death do you part." Here is just one of the many examples of a Church leader explaining that it means the
  3. If I understand the news reports correctly, as an educator in Utah, I am designated as an essential worker and will be one of the first to receive the vaccine after the health care workers. Having had Covid-19 already I wonder if I could defer until later and allow somebody else to move up in line? If everybody who has had Covid-19 and gave up their place in line, a lot of people could move up and get the vaccine earlier. FWIW: I don't consider myself to be anymore essential than any other worker. I have hated that designation from the beginning of the pandemic. IMO all businesses/workers
  4. It would be interesting for those who didn't get sick to take the antibody test to see if they developed antibodies. If they did, it would mean that their immune systems beat the virus without developing symptoms. I am almost symptom free now, so my immune system won, but it was a battle. There are a lot of people who have been exposed but never developed symptoms.
  5. I am recovering from Covid-19. I had a lot of muscle aches, lost my sense of smell (which is now returning), had chills, minimal fever, and generally felt weak and miserable for about 7 days. My wife, brother (he visits regularly), daughter (& family), and son all tested positive within a few days of each other. One of us brought it home and it spread to everybody. This thing is aggressive.
  6. Will you give us the statistics within the proper context?
  7. Sometimes it is necessary to focus on one specific group because until its lives matter, we can't say all lives matter. The concept of Black Lives Matter is good, but some in the movement have lost their way, or the movement has been hijacked by those who just want to cause trouble.
  8. Mormons are going to have to wait a little longer now to shed that "peculiar" label.
  9. I never agreed with total shutdowns. It was and still is my opinion that all businesses are essential. Why was The Home Depot essential but not the local hair salon? The people who are telling everybody to stay home (certain news reporters and politicians) are working and getting paid. Countless jobs have been lost.
  10. Emphasis mine. 1. There are plenty of people who leave Mormonism and never look back. 2. Those who are engaged in the "battle" may not all have the same motives and feelings. For me, Mormonism surrounds me and I need a place to converse.
  11. Is leaving the Church at 18 more life altering than joining at 8?
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