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  1. Emphasis mine. 1. There are plenty of people who leave Mormonism and never look back. 2. Those who are engaged in the "battle" may not all have the same motives and feelings. For me, Mormonism surrounds me and I need a place to converse.
  2. Is leaving the Church at 18 more life altering than joining at 8?
  3. Some who resign do so to be left alone.
  4. I was going to write something similar to this, but you beat me to it and probably wrote it better.
  5. If BYU had not gone online, one of those opportunities and experiences might have been exposure to Covid-19. He probably would have sued in that scenario also.
  6. If he does receive a refund, will he return the credits he earned for the semester in question?
  7. The title of your topic is Where have all the antis gone? In your OP you mention two boards. Certainly those two boards are not the only boards where antis have posted, and you should know that social media is very trendy. Remember MySpace? You wouldn't claim that because the number of MySpace users has decreased that people don't participate on social media anymore.
  8. And pell grants (that don't have to be paid back). I teach my high school students to apply for grants first and loans second.
  9. Outsiders looking to stir up trouble. I watched as many of the videos as I could. It seems that the vehicles are initially trying to gently encourage the "protesters" to move by slowly nudging forward. I don't blame the driver who was shot for speeding away AFTER he was shot. The protesters seem to think it's OK to block traffic and that the drivers should be OK with it. The police should have been there to tell the protesters to leave the drivers alone.
  10. The "revelation" is dated December 16-17, 1833. Still retroactive.
  11. How would Elder Callister explain the births of the evildoers? Did God place them also? There are men and women who accomplish significant things (good and bad). It's easy to retroactively give credit to God or some other being for arranging their placement.
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