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Prayers for me and my family, unusual events unfolding.

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Prayer that I will be able to walk my daughter down the asile, and give her to another. I have had a difficult 3 Months, barley walking even short walks. As a result, I have only attended Church for one hour, and only that hour. Not one High Priest, has called to speak to me about why I have gone so long...nobody in my entire new Ward (Again?) anyway it has been difficult. My fear is not getting better and that I might end up in a wheelchair. Also pray that I am able to walk my daughter down the asile and give her hand in marriage to another Gay woman. Give me the strength to remember my daughter's happiness above all else. 

Just pray for me....you know a big "Hail Merry", and then we may hope all things work together for both for our good. I have friends who never speak anymore, because they think that by granting this love and kindness if the abandoning of my faith, and my principles. I pray the same does not happen here. My love for all my children is unconditional, therefore I would never do anything that would drive a perminate wedge between us, all of our family will be there, because we love her. What matters is I love her, and God loves her, and God loves me...what else matters? 

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It won't be the end of the world if  you ride down the aisle in a wheelchair.   And there are plenty of weddings nowadays when mother walks child partway and then father does or they both do together.  So if you can only walk part way, that also won't be the end of the world.

What I'm going to pray for is that your heart be at peace with a decision that you have no doubt made seeking the inspiration of heaven, whatever happens with the walking.

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