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Interpreter: A Journal Of Mormon Scripture

Daniel Peterson

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I should like to say here that Daniel, with whom I was pleased to engage in a few minutes of conversation at the FAIR Conference on Friday, has acquitted himself during these past two troubling months with an inspiring degree of grace, courage, fortitude, cheerfulness, pluck and — with this new announcement — resilience. I would have expected nothing less from him, but it is nonetheless a joy to behold. I commend him without reservation.

My thanks to his colleagues who have worked with him on this new venture and gotten it up and running with lightning speed, particularly Bryce Haymond, who has designed a highly elegant website.

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Being in Oz, I am bit removed from the "happenings" of what goes on in the "big" church and its peripherals, but it is great that endeavours that you are involved in are continuing. We are not immune to the influence of material that affects the faith of the saints and it is good to have material and resources that are in addition the what the church publishes.

I dont think the Australian culture is a natural fit for the church and its publications sometimes, and you and your associates have been a great influence and support to myself and many of the saints here. Look forward to the work of this new endeavour...


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