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  1. I posted this because I remember the nonsense being taught in Sunday school back in the day. Good to know it's all lies and misinformation.
  2. Nah, bro. Catholics and Orthodox got it right.
  3. This video annihilates the rumor that the Council of Nicea determined the NT text. However, it deals with the forever Arian heresy that Jesus is some lesser deity type of creation of God. Great information on what is not Christian doctrine.
  4. Seen that happen, too. Tornado season in the panhandle...nasty business.
  5. Your daughter has style and class! Asian buffet better come with some killer Hot n Sour soup.
  6. People still use checks?!? Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, etc. are the way to go.
  7. Heck yeah then go for it!! I wish I could have been at the wedding at Cana. I'm sure the Lord definitely knew how to party and made the best wine that He probably still drinks to this day.
  8. I've been to many beautiful home and yard weddings. Personally, I'd take that over an indoor venue (weather permitting) any day.
  9. Absolutely! There should be no pressure to accommodate family and friends for a reception when one really isn't necessary.
  10. I can get behind some serious Martha Stewart talent.
  11. Or just don't have one and save money for something exclusively for the couple. People can send cards and gift cards if they want. No need for any special trips.
  12. There are plenty of resources for little to no cost venues for receptions. The last reception I went to at a church building the bride looked miserable. I remember there were some tacky floral decor and some awkward floral archway setup that should never be done again. Then again, nothing screams eternal happiness like a basketball court, nasty jello salads, an iPhone and iPhone speaker blaring while obnoxious children are running amok and nearly knock over Aunt Hattie and her walker with tennis balls attached to it.
  13. You do realize that non-Mormon couples have only one reception that does not favor one side over the other, right? The absurdity of having one reception in Snowflake, AZ and then another in Pocatello, ID is mind numbing.
  14. Forget the reception. Go straight for the honeymoon. You'll see all those family and friends another time. It's all traditional and sentimental overkill.
  15. Symbolic presence Eucharist is not a Eucharist. Bread and water, grape juice and cracker, etc. will never make the cut.
  16. You should experience the Lord during a powerful Eucharist. God knows how to throw down in one of those.
  17. Now the church should discontinue the inappropriate use of a church building for the reception. Also, stop with the whole having 2 receptions thing. Good grief!
  18. Yet Allah doesn't have a body from what I understand. ETA: Just saw your clarification.
  19. We do know that God doesn't have a harem of wives whom He engages in coitus with. I don't know where such a ridiculous idea originated but it is pushing the lust for anthropomorphism to beyond absurdity.
  20. I may be absolutely wrong but I don't see this as problematic as dealing with sacramental issues. I am not in any way trying to downplay the issues therein. I'm still newly Catholic. My biggest issues deal with the traditional Mass (and theology) being obscured by Vatican II and Novus Ordo. For example, within the US Episcopal construct they deal with Prayer C of the Book of Common Prayer as well as Enriching Our Worship (EOW) which technically stand as heretical. Not sure if this makes sense but I tried. I still default to Rory and Jesse.
  21. Happy Feast of the Ascension, Rory. I'll write more later. Gotta go to work.
  22. I'm not SSPX nor am I FSSP. I have friends I have become close to in both.
  23. It is certainly disappointing and disheartening that a harsh and bitter member of the Fraternity would act as he has and dangle Voris despite Voris' willingness to be dangled. Before we can address the issues of VCII, we need to address all the infighting that Christ's Church is indulging in.
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