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Short Skirts


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These days’ girls are wearing shorter and shorter skirts even in the church. For the strength of youth says girls should avoid short skirts but does not specify a length. Efy dress guidelines states skirts should be knee length.

So how is it that girls wearing skirts a full 2 inches above the knee get into the temple??

I have always gone by the rule that if a skirt touches the floor when kneeling it is long enough. What about you???

How short is short? And how short is too short?? What are your views??

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I'll give you my opinion as someone who currently works withe YW and has had to deal with these issue in regards to the temple.

Our goal is always to encourage modesty but not to make anyone feel unwelcome at church regardless of how they are dressed. With the temple, we do extra encouraging and specifically stating what the standards are but unless it is super inappropriate we welcome them and are glad they came.

In the next two weeks we are doing activities where the girls learn to sew on extra pieces of material to skirts to make them appropriate and the girls seem excited about that. Part of the problem some of our girls have is that they don't have money to be buying a lot of clothes and they have grown too tall for their skirts-they didn't purposefully buy them too short.

We do have a couple of girls who's skirts are too short and too tight on purpose, but honestly, i blame their parents for letting them dress that way. Their mom is a great woman (and their dad is a great guy) but she has the philosophy that if they buy it with their own money, she can't stop them from wearing it (the youngest is 15 and the oldest 17).

We love those girls though-they are absolutely awesome! As a presidency we try to remember that everyone is at their own level spiritually and we need to meet girls where they are so that they will feel comfortable in the church and continue to grow and spiritually mature.

I remember owning a couple of skirts in college that were too short-it wasn't the right decision but it didn't make me a horrible person either. Sometimes we just have to give people time and not be judgmental while still trying to guide.

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I joined the church in the 70's. 2" above the knees was pretty darn modest back then! Heck! Sleeveless shirts were even considered appropriate before one went to the temple. Somewhere along the lines, the standards have tightened up.

Have not seen your face in a while, we miss it. Could be we are not posting in same threads. I can tell you this, even if men do not notice, the sisters do and do not like it! I also do not appreciate it, and when I taught the young men (this may seem odd) but neither did they. One youth pointed out that he did not mind the rest of the week, but not on Sunday. We almost had to cancel the class for laughing.

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A man is young as long as he looks. It is touching that will age him real fast, especially if his wife finds out.

Personally I don't care if someone walks down the street bare butt naked, other than it gets awfully cold for that type of thing in most parts of this country. However if you're not sellling why advertise?

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