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  1. Let’s test it on Idaho legislators. They are trying to pass a law that allows the relatives of an aborted fetus to sue the doctor or any medical professional that assists in an abortion. These are the same legislators who don’t believe in welfare or helping single mothers in anyway whatsoever. They even turned down federal funding for pre-school because women should be in the home and not working. I am not kidding.
  2. You apparently haven’t met some of our Idaho legislators. I don’t know about Ohio law, but some Eastern Idaho legislators are truly that uneducated (I like to use the words “stupid” or “moronic” but that isn’t very nice.)
  3. Who knows? That family seems to have been highly dysfunctional and Ron’s ability to flip a switch and fully embrace the dark side so quickly kinda makes me go “hmmm”. Humans…
  4. I haven’t ever read this book. Did Black add the characters of the detectives? I know this is based on a book but I’m not sure which characters were in the book and which were added for the mini series.
  5. I thought it was a bit over the top too-especially towards a stranger. However, when I inadvertently said something negative about the church in front of my mom (about 20 years ago) she FREAKED out at me. Very similar to Jeb’s tirade. She has a personality disorder though so…
  6. Ron Howard is an executive producer which = money. They are very rarely ever involved in actual production.
  7. That picture though: Sister Stacey died of complications from uncontrolled type one diabetes. I don’t think Lori Vallow had anything to do with that particular death.
  8. I thought it seemed kind of random too. But I didn’t have time to go back through the thread and see if he had been mentioned earlier. If not, that is extremely weird.
  9. There’s plenty of virtue-signaling all around. I think someone finding out their friend is a child molester is an appropriate reason to vent.
  10. I could never see the church as a husband because the church is not a person. There is a certain emotional intimacy that should exist in a marriage but is hard to establish between a person and an organization. The analogy just doesn’t really work for me.
  11. This particular woman was my (I think) third great grandmother. She had seven “ illegitimate“ children who all grew to adulthood, married into respectable “old” families and lived religious New England lives. This happened in Fall River Massachusetts. The only scenario I can think of that could explain all of that is that she was the mistress of a wealthy married man who took care of her and the children but could not legally acknowledge them. Three of them listed their father’s first name as “Joseph” on various legal documents so I suspect they all had the same father. Probably one of those things that people just turned a blind eye to in those days.
  12. Probably not for now. I have some ancestors who were “ illegitimate” (I hate that term). Someone came up with an interesting solution by making up a spouse for the mother, entering it into Ancestry and overtime people did the temple work and now those children are sealed to a fictitious father but they are also sealed to their legitimate mother. I have no idea who made up the fictitious father but it’s clear the kids were illegitimate because they were listed that way on the town records. This was in Massachusetts in the early 1800s. Note: I don’t recommend that course but I’m sure that church records are full of such mistakes.
  13. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BdnH19KsVVc&feature=youtu.be
  14. Idk about the rabbis interpreting Joseph’s actions as gay, but I thought his examples of categorizing gendered behavior were very interesting. Certainly Joseph’s domesticity and compassion would have registered as somewhat feminine in their culture.
  15. Does it? What if the prospective spouses come from different earths? Which one would be the required location?
  16. Good point. Although if they are arranged marriages I imagine the Heavenly parents would be pretty good matchmakers!
  17. Just an observation: Referring to it as “the Ukraine” is part of the problem. That just means “the Ukranian territory of Russia”. Ukraine is now a sovereign nation.
  18. She had a profound influence on me as a woman, wife and mother.
  19. Oh I understand what you were saying. I remember there being some concern about ET Benson’s extreme political views. I just don’t remember seeing any evidence of high church leaders objecting to the “ student spy” program at BYU.
  20. No one struggled with the teachings of the prophets at all. It was the fact that we went from a curriculum that spent a lot of time discussing female issues to a curriculum that was completely male based in a class that was for women. It felt very much like two sessions of Sunday school in a row rather than Sunday school and then Relief Society.
  21. I remember the teachings of the presidents series. It was very unpopular in my extremely orthodox ward.
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