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  1. My thoughts exactly! (and don’t forget temple pageant!) We also had Stake girls camp every year for a week at camp Ritchie. It kept me out of trouble but holy cow it must have been hard on the leaders.
  2. It was good. Colby and his wife were interviewed extensively and Lori’s mother shared a lot of family photos. There were also interviews with the Arizona reporter and Laurie‘s friend from Hawaii (can’t remember her name.) There were a lot of texts that I had never read before and audio recordings of Kolby‘s conversations with her. The Director did a good job of knitting it all together in a logical order. I’m taking care of my mom post surgery right now so I was distracted quite a bit so I’ll probably rewatch it in the next couple of days for anything I missed.
  3. (Spoiler alert…) The Sins of our Mother is on Netflix now. It’s three episodes and Lori Vallow’s mother finally admits that her daughter killed the children (Directly or indirectly I assume)
  4. Are you serious? Have you been to Idaho Falls? 😂
  5. Smart lady to record him the next day confessing to the rape. It’s hard for me to believe that marital rape was actually legal during my lifetime. 😳
  6. I didn’t even look. It isn’t as affordable as BYU so probably not as high.
  7. Absolutely. As well as culture’s impact on our biology! It’s a little more subtle but very important to milk drinkers everywhere. 😀
  8. What Calm said. My own university has a strong cultural bent to it too but also recognizes the necessity of having robust biological content as well. Maybe I’m a snob but I just can’t see it any other way.
  9. Okay. This has absolutely nothing to do with the importance of biological anthropology to anthropology in general. I’m sure all those cultural anthropologists and archaeologists at BYU think it’s just great. I strongly disagree. 🤷‍♀️
  10. Good to know. The class description sounds almost exactly like the middle third of my course material. Biological anthropology is generally always a prerequisite for osteology, paleoanthropology and forensic anthropology. It boggles my mind that it would not be required at any university with an anthropology department.
  11. I don’t think they want independent and free thinkers. Their anthropology department is a joke. Biological anthropology, my subfield, is a staple of any decent anthropology department. It’s by far the most scientific of the sub fields, and it isn’t even required for anthropology majors at BYU. It’s outrageous. I have no doubt it’s because they don’t want to deal with more than a passing mention of human evolution.
  12. Personally I would not work for BYU period. I’m sure I can’t be the only LDS educator who feels that way. People may feel that as long as they are choosing the right they shouldn’t worry but life has taught me that it’s always more complicated than that.
  13. I agree. But as I stated, I’m reading this to apply to new hires only. If this retroactively applies to people who are already working there I will re-evaluate my opinion.
  14. I have no love left for BYU (for many unrelated reasons) but at the end if the day, no one has to work there if they don’t like the rules. I can live a full and happy life without ever working for BYU. At some point we all need to take responsibility for our own employment choices. Unless I missed something, it sounds like this is only for new hires so they are duly warned.
  15. Major faultlines + dense populations = A great argument for earthquake proofing.
  16. I’m glad they’re modifying it to make it more earthquake proof. I also hope they’re paying that person in the pipe a really good salary and pension!
  17. Oh please. Maybe we should refer to the sheriff as “they” instead of “ he”. 🙄
  18. Uhhh. Because in this case they were girls? (and the lady who was yanked from the car was definitely female)
  19. Ooooh. Not so. Anyone who has a daughter will automatically put themselves in those girls places and see the event from their perspectives. Also the subject being an Idaho law enforcement official affects me because I live in Idaho. I have a vested interest in our law enforcement officers not doing things like that.
  20. I don’t think that’s all he’s being judged on. I think maybe the F bombs, hair pulling and gun pointing at young girls sort of put a backdrop behind him that other people would not see behind you. 😊
  21. Lol! Are you serious? I would think a formerly upwardly mobile 63-year-old man is capable of saying what he means in a letter.
  22. Not impressed by that half hearted apology. If that had been my daughter with a gun pointed in her face dragged out of the car by her hair by a man screaming and cussing, pointing a gun at the children in the van I would not be quite so forgiving so quickly. I don’t think justice would be served with probation. I know Idaho can do better than that (at least we do in Boise.) Jail time please.
  23. I always wondered what the point is of seeing the Lord in the flesh. Isn’t the whole point of faith believing in things that are not seen but are true? This kind of stuff is always smelled a little bit more like “I am special” than having any true doctrinal significance. Color me skeptical. 😊
  24. Okay so if you want to live in a world where people with diabetes just aren’t born, that’s your business. It isn’t going to happen but you can hope. You really seem to be totally obsessed with diabetes.
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