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  1. Umm. Yes. I cannot even count the times that I’ve heard those types of stories back in the day all the way through last week on Facebook.
  2. Ah. Our main GA was similarly Ameri-centric in his instructions.
  3. Was his last name Bradford? (just curious)
  4. I’m kind of interested to know which scripture might come under the category of “anti-vaccine.” I know that Jehovah’s Witnesses have some kind of scripture that they use as a prohibition on blood transfusions but I just can’t think of anything for vaccinations.
  5. Nope. I’m all the way on the heterosexual female end of the spectrum. I certainly find other women attractive in a friend or kindred spirit way but not sexually. Not yesterday, today or tomorrow. This is one reason I am so sympathetic with gay people who try to embrace traditional religions. I cannot imagine being told I have to either marry another woman or stay celibate. 🤷‍♀️
  6. Lol! We will have to agree to disagree. My observations come from years of teaching college students.
  7. Interesting. I see each generation taking longer to grow up than the one before. At any rate, marriage is a process not an event. Someone being happy in a marriage at age 23 just really means nothing to me. If they are happy 30 years later, that speaks volumes about the quality of the marriage.
  8. Show me some similar couples who are 53 (not 23) and I’ll think about it. 23 year old are barely even adults.
  9. I watched the 48 hours episode. I’m starting to wonder if Chad Daybell is full on crazy. I also thought about poison when the kids were explaining their mom’s death. When Chad’s prophecy about her death wasn’t being fulfilled, I think he just took it into his own hands to get rid of her. By that time he was so obsessed with his new love that Tammy was simply in the way. I feel absolutely terrible for those kids but also very sad that they don’t stand up for their mother. It’s all about the dad. I also couldn’t help but notice how shifty, completely unattractive and uncharismatic Chad Daybell is. What on earth did those women see in him? .
  10. Maybe an American style swimsuit. Meh. Chris Hemsworth maybe. Because he’s gorgeous. I can. I never once thought of myself having sex with him. But I still love beauty in all its wonderful forms.
  11. Thanks for the reminder. I was just noticing my legs could use a good shave. 😁
  12. So naive…You have obviously never identified as an Afghani woman.
  13. I recently read an article about the first Taliban takeover and a woman needed to get to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. She had no male children so she shaved her daughters head to try to pass her off as a male escort. It didn’t work. Once she had gotten her medicine, the morality police came and whipped her for being out in public without a male escort. That is the kind of world these women have to look forward to.
  14. Lucky you! I’m glad it’s so simple for you. Most of us would have to worry about: How are we going to feed ourselves as we flee? Where are we going to go? How do we know we won’t get shot and killed along the way? How will we support ourselves while we’re traveling? How will we support ourselves once we are there? How will I communicate in a country where I don’t know the language? Do I want to put an open ended (possibly permanent) barrier between myself and my parents? My siblings? My children? Most Afghanis simply don’t have the resources to remove themselves and all of their loved ones from the country to get away from the Taliban. If they could, I’m sure a lot more of them would.
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