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Would You Practice Polygamy


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I would be interested in responses from male and females, members and non members (I guess non members don't need the okay)

Bigamy is having one wife too many.

Monogamy is the same. :P

No. Unless I were specifically called and commissioned (and then only after long and prayerful consideration) would I consider it.

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Ofcourse. I would have one man who is clever in fixing house and cars and an other who can give a good masage and keep me in shape and one ... well to serve moi and do the housholdwork .... and ofcourse they all would work so we could get well along... :P

On the other hand.. I am not sure what I would feel of a sister wife(s <_< ).... I hope she would be good in cleaning the house and making food.... I can take care of the kids...

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A good LDS Dr. friend of mine made sure my swimmers never leave the pool.

So it would be fruitless to have another.

Unless she can cook and clean, and teach, then my true love and I could hang out alot more often

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I would say no, but (ironically) I think my wife would say yes... heh. She is a good debater, and has a good argument that larger families are more stable and have more support when hard times happen, hence why polygamous families are more stable.

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Why not?

Joseph Smith's wife Emma refused, hes went ahead anyways, it was "God"'s commendment.

The conditions set by the OP say nothing about a commandment.

since I am the OP I should answer: I think it would be up to the first wife (and I still need to find her); maybe that would be a better approach given the time and culture of today....but then that would be America culture.

So you're saying you want to practice polygamy? If your "first" wife says OK, then you would?

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I think I could on conditions. I could not ever take more than one wife if asked to have children with them all. I love my wife, and could never do that to her. I would feel so guilty that I have been an adulterer, and don't believe I could face my wife the same again. I could do it if asked to take on my wife's sister to support her and her family should my brother-in-law die. That I would be happy to help, and wife agrees. I could be a husband, but never a father to more than one woman.

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Only one deciding factor to me - is this hypothetical 2nd wife hot?

Yes, but the downside is your first wifes jealous rage, soooooo, she'd be nice to look at, but the minute you touched her.......well, nothing like a woman scorned.

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I don't think anyone who is honestly righteous will *want* to practice straight-up polygamy. As in take some random woman and her family to your own, and marry, maybe have kids.

I think a lot of people, if specifically prepared and called to adopt the practice will either be obediant to His will, or they will not.

Personally? If specifically called and prepared for it, I would engage in that practice - ONLY with the blessing of Heavenly Father would I EVER partake in it.

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