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  1. Hot off the presses: https://email.mg2.substack.com/c/eJx1ksuO2jAUhp-G7IjiS26LLKbQlFQQxAylMJvIsU-CIbGjxIGGp68ZVl1U8k3n-PxH9vdzZqDW_ZR0ejDOcynM1EGi4D40YAz0zjhAX0iRUOKFQRQEjj0KFPmRI4ei6gFaJpvE9CM43Vg2kjMjtXpW4AhhFDvnpKI8irEvygr5XhnHVgn5hCIIGUAQk1djNgoJikMCN-gnrcBpkrMx3TAjbzOc2jHpsW80Zw10UkArdaNrORh3GMvBMH51uW7ttc5O-4A511atV1LV8xvrJVNmXiLk43hGUqOvoGZkCdNPxPFhOuLmml20t3m8kfxS41zeJf8RP0Qad5-LLMiXO7Rd7qjND1nbnIWNbfanR_64PrbL72jzcZfsmD-shuSrg1zvM7rZZ3-2H9mQqRydZBZk6tuNk53h7eF8Iu9diamsdu4SgnW4XtzOUZ2aX9HwidaeTvPjabzE778X5Xg6XNZpWKxWG0cm2MMIIRwgSi0DF7sRKUOgledTFmNUVW7jcQuBX2fUa2v8z-c4fVKKUalWIJutn-S-whZcYfd2VNJMBShWNiBeTM3LGl-UixoU9NYyomAmQQEJYxIhH4U0eiF82oT6EY2I59i-QtsqlfwH218eJtcD
  2. The author’s medical practice now focuses on lifestyle medicine and wellness. He sells a number of supplements from his website. Huge conflict of interest.
  3. I had serious concerns about the quality of this study as well as some possible significant biases. This is written by a pediatric cardiologist: “Time to do some COVID debunking... of a cardiac surgeon. Steve Gundry is a previous cardiac surgeon turned lifestyle medicine guru, who has recently published an AHA abstract earlier in Nov 2021 talking about PULS test results after mRNA COVID vaccination. This test is not a commonly used examination in mainstream cardiology and so here is what the test actually does: The test measures the following 9 proteins: 1. HGF 2. Fas Ligand 3. sFas 4. Eotaxin 5. IL-16 6. MCP-3 7. CTACK 8. HDL 9. HBA1C The actual meaning of these proteins is discussed briefly in the inset picture. These proteins were originally chosen to help cardiologists sort out who might have "vulnerable plaque". One of the great mysteries of cardiology is that many people have hardening/ plaque in their heart arteries, but it is difficult to say which fraction of those people will actually experience myocardial infarction, which is the endpoint most cardiologists are trying to prevent. The author, who has a history of promoting pseudoscience, wished to see what happens with volunteer patients if they got vaccinated and then took the PULS blood test. The premise of their experiment was to compare people who had previously done PULS blood tests (N.B. this is not cardiology standard of care), in a preventative cardiology practice (it appears to be his private practice), to their repeat PULS blood tests a couple of months after their vaccination series. This project makes: 1. No effort to compare to SARS-COV2 viral infection 2. No effort to explain the baseline demographics of his patients in the group of 566 3. No effort to explain if there were comorbid factors explaining the PULS examination results 4. No effort to do statistical analysis (he just reported an increase in some numbers) 5. His conclusion that vaccines are highly likely to generate myocarditis is, very , very, very overstretched (a basic rule of basic science research is to not create conclusions not supported by your experiment) 6. No recognition that the immune system is supposed to be doing its work after a vaccination 7. No understanding that if you query the body for inflammation after receiving a medicine designed to generate inflammation...you will find inflammation. 8. No reason was given as to why a nonstandard lab test was just given out en masse in a Cardiology clinic, and how this helped the patients pre-vaccination. And the most important piece... this is a cardiac surgeon turned holistic health practitioner who wants you to buy his products. So - I propose that you read his work on COVID with caution. Follow active pediatricians and infectious disease physicians instead.”
  4. There are many, but a podcast I like that remains apolitical and walks through recent publications and discusses clinical updates is This Week in Virology. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/this-week-in-virology/id300973784
  5. This guy is great (ophthalmologist).
  6. Very kind of you, and feel free to share. Unfortunately, the stories are not unique and are commonplace across the country. I’m glad y’all are vaccinated. The likelihood of developing moderate to severe disease and death is much less in those who are fully vaccinated, as you have seen.
  7. Severity is best determined by where the patients are, not for how long. The really sick ones die quickly. Nationwide, the unvaccinated represent about 85-90% of ICU and ventilated patients. Not all in the ICUs are on vents. Many of them are maintained on high-flow nasal cannula, trying to by them time. Cities and hospital systems across the country were publicly updating their stats daily this past summer and early fall when delta was rampant. The data are out there.
  8. At this point, I'm not going to convince anyone of anything (this topic is like arguing religion), and I realize that the plural of anecdote is not "data," but my anecdotal evidence mirrors the data on moderate to severe COVID in the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. I've been in the Emergency Medicine game for over 30 years now, and I've never seen anything like I have in the past several months. My part of the country (south/central Texas) missed the real big surge last winter, attributable to masks and distancing. We weren't so lucky with delta. I'm at a rural hospital. Deaths were a daily occurrence, not only in the hospital, but also in the emergency department. Everyone who died was unvaccinated. Everyone. 90% of COVID admissions were unvaccinated. People who were taking ivermectin were hospitalized, required high flow oxygen, then mechanical ventilation, and then they died. There is a small town not far down the road. A multigenerational family lived there--grandmother (late 50s), 3 sons (late 20s to early 30s), 1 daughter in-law (late 20s), and a 14 year-old son of the married couple. All were unvaccinated. All got COVID. All but the 14 year-old died. He now lives with relatives in another state. 4 of the 5 who died were at my hospital. I intubated 3 of them. I've intubated teens, young healthy people in their 20s, old and frail people, police officers, nurses, PhD biochemists, farmers, high school coaches, you name it. All in my little rural hospital. Ivermectin doesn't work. When a meta analysis is done of flawed studies, the results of the meta analysis are flawed. The Egyptian study, the Brazilian studies, the Peruvian studies all were poorly conducted or outright falsified. Paul Malik and Pierre Kory touted Vit C as a miracle drug for sepsis, and they were proven wrong. No one could duplicate their results. Now they're trying the same schtick with ivermectin, but this time they're costing people their lives. And lives aren't lost just to COVID. I've had patients who needed to be sent to larger hospitals with more advanced medical capabilities, but those hospitals were past capacity, due to being overwhelmed with COVID patients. No room where they needed to be meant they died where they were. Dialysis patients couldn't get dialysis, so they died. Patients with GI bleeding required all the blood I had in the hospital, and I couldn't get them where they needed to go, so they died. This is all at one small hospital. It's happening everywhere, and winter is coming. Estimates are that 20% of healthcare workers have left their jobs in the past 2 years. We're tired. We are emotionally spent. We are having to do more with less, and this time, instead of people applauding and calling us "heroes," (which I appreciated but didn't particularly like), we are now being yelled at, picketed, protested, called "sheep," and people take off their masks and cough in our faces. Literally. We are short nurses, respiratory therapists, radiology technicians, and unit clerks. I have no idea what the next 3-4 months will bring, but I don't think it will be good.
  9. Life has been really…busy. I appreciate your kindness and will try to drop in more frequently from time to time.
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