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  1. That is correct (see links above). Edit: I love the Joseph Smith Papers project, it makes things so accessible.
  2. Sorry, I'm not following your logic. If Joseph dictated it then that proves he was looking at the Clarke commentary? Look at the Joseph Smith Bible for Luke chapter 23, here. Compare that to the dictated text here. The scribe wrote down everything, including verses that had no changes at all. So what is your point? As I said, we can all check this out for ourselves. Why argue against the evidence?
  3. As I've said previously (I think in this thread), this is a claim where all the cards are on the table, we can look at all the evidence for ourselves. It is very easy for you and me or anyone to compare the JST changes against the KJV and against the Adam Clarke Commentary (it's online). And anyone who has looked at the Clarke commentary will understand why you just can't compare the two in every single case, because it is by definition a commentary, with pages and pages of sermon material as well as commentary about the text. And Jackson does quote the commentary when possible and quotes t
  4. At the 14 minute mark of the Saturday Afternoon session, Elder Oaks announced the speakers: "Brother Lund will be followed by Garret W. Gong of the Quorum of the twelve apostles. Out of caution, because he has been potentially exposed recently to COVID 19, elder Gong is at home today. He feels fine, but he recorded his remarks earlier." Elder Gong's talk starts just after the 43 minute mark, where there is a fade to black and then Elder Gong's talk is presented. His talk looks like it was recorded at the same location, but it sounds slightly different. There isn't the same echo.
  5. So his 33 examples where he compared the JST, the KJV, and the Adam Clarke commentary aren't "directly contrast[ed]"? Or are you reading something different than I did?
  6. I read Kent Jackson's review, and I have to agree with the "major embarrassment" statement (regarding the entire Adam Clarke theory). Like Jackson, when I first heard about this theory I thought it could be plausible, and I myself found a few minor examples of where it might have been possible that Joseph Smith could have gotten the idea from Clarke's commentary. But none of what I found would necessitate a reliance on the commentary and the similarities could be explained in other ways. But after reading Jackson's review I think he has thoroughly proven that the theory has major problems,
  7. I was wondering the same thing, but Johnson made reference to Lund (in my quote above), but I didn't include the footnote. Johnson says, "While the rest of the chapter has been found to be chiastic by Nils Lund, these first four verses betray no chiastic characteristics." The footnote to this statement is as follows: Nils Lund, Chiasmus in the New Testament (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1942), 398-99. Fortunately I have this book and I looked it up, but I don't have the book you referenced so I'm not sure if Lund has anything different to say about this chapter
  8. I finally remembered where I read about another example. I knew it was from the book of Revelation, and chapter 12 is the chapter with the most noticeable changes, so I kept staring at it and it finally came back to me. This comes from: The Legacy of the Brass Plates of Laban: A Comparison of Biblical and Book of Mormon Isaiah Texts Review of The Legacy of the Brass Plates of Laban: A Comparison of Biblical and Book of Mormon Isaiah Texts by H. Clay Gorton Reviewed By: Mark J. Johnson As found in FARMS, Review of Books on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 7, Number 1, p. 135-136 (1995)
  9. I know there's one that I read about years and years ago, but I can't seem to recall the specific verse(s) involved or where I read about it. But here's one possible example from Mark 14:8-9 noted on the Times and Seasons site: KJV: JST: And the JST version produces this chiastic structure. It's not particularly dramatic, but it seems to be the only explanation for the addition of the redundant wording:
  10. If history follows the same pattern of inverted repetition as is found in the literary style, then it's bound to come up again in an important way at some point. I like that the church has embraced the recognition of chiasmus in scripture (particularly in Alma 36) as an accepted way to understand some of the principles presented in the text.
  11. This is a rather one-sided view of the problem that seems to be held by a lot of people around the nation. It's not just about me and my personal rights. Social distancing and all that goes along with it is for EVERYONE's protection.
  12. I mentioned the stage setting already, but this morning I really noticed the nice warm tones of the background. This conference goes quite well with our entertainment center. It looked like part of our home with Elder Ballard in our living room:
  13. I like the stage setting this conference and the seating of the apostles and first presidency wearing their masks.
  14. I like the way that particular web site functions, although I have a few issues with the content or it just needs to be updated. For example, I understand the controversy surrounding the textual evidence of John 7:53–8:11, for the story of the woman taken in adultery (see Wiki article here), since that passage isn't found in most of the early Greek Gospel manuscripts. I don't know if that is the reason it is omitted in the Parallel Gospel website, or if it was just an oversight. There's a heading for it (search for " The Woman Caught in Adultery") but no text is given, even in the King Jam
  15. We are all spirit children of God (Heb 12:9, Acts 17:28-29), but not all "become" his children (John 1:12) in the behavioral sense to be his heirs. Only those who are led by the Spirit of God are his heirs.
  16. One of the "benefits" of the whole COVID experience is that you can "attend" services from other churches quite easily and without feeling like an outsider through the live stream sessions on Youtube. Our ward sacrament meeting is streamed in such a way, and after viewing our ward sacrament meeting today I noticed a link to a live stream service: "11am Sunday Mass - St. John Cathedral", from the Catholic Diocese of Lafayette LA. So I "attended" my first Catholic Mass today, and I'm glad I did. I believe it was the new Mass based on what I see from your post. The message was on Matthew 21:2
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I understand you correctly, you are simply looking for an answer from a faithful LDS point of view that handles or explains the claims of that website. I believe the First Vision podcast link I posted above from the church website explains why the claims of the critics in this particular case don't make any sense, although perhaps not in a detailed way that one might prefer. I think a lot of the claims made by critics have an impact on us only if we view the information from our modern point of view without considering the historical context and what wou
  18. I love how the critics overuse the word "plagiarized". It always adds a more sinister and dishonest tone to throw in that word. This was explained rather well (I thought) in the First Vision Podcasts that were put out by the church, specifically Episode 5: “It Caused Me Great Reflection”, starting at 21:26 in the podcast, and in the transcript here. Here's a quote of the relevant part of that podcast (emphasis mine): So Joseph had heard these accounts and he used similar language to describe his experience. That would be the natural thing to do. How many times have you heard
  19. I listened to this thanks to your post, and I really enjoyed it. She has a very interesting background. I have come to appreciate and understand her view about other faiths in my experiences with other faiths through the years. I have a totally different understanding of the so called "great apostasy" today than I did when when I was a 19 year old missionary as a result. One more thought: I think Hanna has a lot of awesome gifts, but one of them is the remarkable way she could inhale to catch a breath between words without detection and without skipping a beat, and I am truly amazed
  20. Congratulations to your grandsons for such a great achievement. Unfortunately, due to the whole Covid experience I have lost touch with what has transpired in my ward with the young men, which is a shame. I was, until a year ago, the Scoutmaster by default in our ward (I was an assistant Scoutmaster for over four years, and one by one different Scoutmasters either moved from the ward or received other callings, and in the last year I was the last man standing in a way). Last year we had two boys in the program, and we shared the scouting experience with another ward that met in our bu
  21. That's a good question. The role of "the satan" character in the book of Job is different than in other books of the Bible. His role in the book is to test the loyalty of the followers of God, and he's not the evil "accuser" as he is elsewhere. So it may be, in his role in the book of Job, his opportunity and means of conversing with God are the same as it is with the sons of God.
  22. Why do you see this as a "different perspective" than what I posted? I don't see it as different.
  23. This sounds like you are describing the Latter-day Saint view of the Godhead, that “each member of the Godhead is a separate being” and even in how the three are “one” in the Godhead: “Although the members of the Godhead are distinct beings with distinct roles, they are one in purpose and doctrine. They are perfectly united in bringing to pass Heavenly Father’s divine plan of salvation.” Do you remember the response I made to your post on Isaiah 43:10 just over a year ago? You can find it here. You seem to be misusing these verses out of context if you are trying to suggest that th
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