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  1. There is a VERY LARGE Polynesion population in Indep. and surrounding communities. They have moved to Independence for that very reason.
  2. You my good friend are a certified goofball!
  3. I must confess...i don't post much, but I come here almost everyday and read of all the "comings and goings", but over all these years I have really come to appreciate your...hmmm, how can I say this? Your somewhat twisted and demented sense of humor! You have made me chucke out loud more times than I can remember...so thank you for that!
  4. It caught me off guard a bit i must say....
  5. I have not heard anything regarding laying ground work for neighborhoods etc. I do know the Church, as it has for decades, is always looking to purchase land and other properties in Jackson County. I do know that there are always talks being had at various levels of leadership between the LDS and CoC regarding possible purchases etc. But, the work and progress in Indep. Missouri is just quietly and steadily rolling along!
  6. We do have some work to do in that area....sad to say
  7. Being a Zion people, Zion is anywhere where the Pure in Heart dwell are concepts I agree with. But the location of the Center Stake of Zion being in Indep. Mo, the spot of the Indep. Missouri Temple having been specified in scripture, which has not been rescinded by the Lord. I am not aware of any statements from a President of the Church that in any way hints that what the Lord declared in the Doctrines and Covenants regarding the New Jerusalem in Jackson County, the Temple and Temple complex in Indep. Missouri, the Far West Temple being built, the future events to be had at Adam-ondi-Ahma
  8. Yes...I agree totally about not being tied to any man-made boundary regarding Jackson County.
  9. They are...but I agree with Scott that we should not cast aspersions on them. I was stationed at Hill AFB back in the day...and I had the usual good natured discussions with Ward Members about the New Jerusalem, Indep.Missouri Temple/Complex and all things Jackson County. Until recently I was never aware that such a notion existed. One of the points made by one individual was that in Article of Faith #10 it simply states that "Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the American continent". His position is that since AoF #10 was edited to include (the New Jerusalem) that would hav
  10. I was born and raised in Independence, Missouri so I will go on record now as saying wholeheartedly that ..YES! I believe the New Jerusalem will be located in Jackson County, Mo. Recently I have come across some members of the Church who espouse a view that the Saints failed in their efforts to establish that back in the day and so now they are of the notion that perhaps Salt Lake City, Utah will be the New Jerusalem spoken of by the Lord in the Doctrine and Covenants. So my question for my esteemed and well versed Brothers and Sisters on this board....what do you believe? Jackson Coun
  11. COUNT ME IN!! When do we start? I just got back from Christmas vacation in ole Indep. MO....and just saw this
  12. MorningStar, I want to thank you and your Husband for raising a Son who is willing and eager to serve his Country! On behalf of my Wife, 6 Kids and 24 Grandchildren...we ALL thank your family for your selflessness and service in keeping us, and our Country FREE and SAFE! He will be joining a "Band of Brothers" that will last forever! That Brotherhood and Bond survives through all generations, through all cultures...it is truly unbreakable. As a USAF Veteran...I salute your Son and your family! Welcome to the Family! We love you! Your Son will be took care of well! Thank You!
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