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  1. I had always been under the impression that the reason for the discontinuation of the office was because of the growth of the Church and the availability of a Patriarch in the Stakes...that the necessitity for a Presiding Patriarch was no longer needed. I must confess...that I did have a difficult time with this change. I understand the rational for it, but I suppose my difficulty stemmed from my wanting to continue that direct connection to Joseph and Hyrum in the presiding councils of the Church. To be clear....when I say "direct connection" I am referring to the "Smith" name. I understand that Pres. Ballard is a direct descendant of Hyrum Smith.
  2. Bro. Smith....I thought that Patriarch Eldred G. Smith was the Presiding Patriarch of the Church when that position ended.
  3. No...it simply means what I said, it has brought me and my family joy and happiness. Thats all...no more or less than that. As far as the Church gaining or losing members...not sure why you're getting your undies all in a wad over it. People have agency. Let it go man. Folks will make their own choices and live with the blessings or lack thereof. This isn't rocket science.
  4. This trend should be alarming and I agree with the bolded statement above that the LDS leadership is in full panic mode. I also think long term they are fighting a losing battle. The historical issues and truth claims are easily researched and the plethora of problems so readily obvious it is easy for an investigator to do some homework and readily run away from the idea of joining the church. And we already see the church is bleeding many devote, committed, smart and economically well off member because of the almost impossible task of defending the sticky issues. Also I think many conservative religions will fall more out of favor over the social issues especially as older members die and younger people who have views contrary to many of the social positions of the the Church and other conservative religions simply opt out. ....and yet here I am, 64 yrs old, family baptized in 1964....married for 48 yrs, 6 grown wonderful kids..and 23 grandbabies.....and I'm still active in the Church! Dummy me! Somehow, during all this time...i guess i never cracked a book and researched anything on my own. Just put my ole blinders on and away I went! Funny though...I did crack a book, I did do my own research...and I'm still active in the Church, this in spite of all you enumerated above. The Church has always, and still brings me joy! It has blessed me and my family generationally. I'm sorry your experience hasn't been the same.
  5. No...you did not. However, you did put forth the notion or questioned why members of the Church who are struggling financially should be required or expected to pay tithing. Also, that members who are struggling and need assistance from the Church's welfare system are some how made to feel that they are, in your words "a charity case". The impression that I received from your initial post was that if the math didn't add up....they should not be required or even encouraged to pay their tithing first..as the Prophets and Apostles have taught us to do. You also stated that.. to the member needing assistance, that they are required/expected to go to family first for assistance. This is good and wise counsel. Difficult to do for a variety of reasons...but still common sense. You mentioned about how we're taught to be self-reliant. This is true, but not just in temporal things...but spiritually self-reliant as well. When one pays their tithing first....the individual/family learn to be both spiritually and temporally self-reliant. win-win !
  6. No need to shut up....just understand that there are other forces at work when a person steps out on that willow limb and pays their tithing the way the Church counsels us to. There are blessings that are being realized at the moment, and in my case...also blessings that our family didn't realize for almost 25 yrs. We had six kids as well. I know the drill about working working and doing whatever is required to work and solve the problem. You say you were not talking about "not" paying tithing. Well, a reasonable person reading your initial post could certainly draw that conclusion. I did, and I have pretty good reading comprehension.
  7. This notion is FALSE FALSE FALSE!!! I got married VERY young. Our Church family helped us countless times over the first decade and a half. The Bishop ALWAYS gave me opportunities to work for what I received. NEVER...EVER....was I ever made to feel like a "charity case"! Also, I never FELT like I was a charity case. Quite the contrary....although I knew I was in a tight spot, I always was able to maintain my dignity because I was working for what I received, plus...I was striving to live the gospel to the best of my ability and knowledge at the time. I went to the Bishops Storehouse to pick up my families order....my wife and I went to the Bishops Storehouse to work. I traveled with my EQ to Far West Welfare Farm to buck hay, repair fences and foundations. I did what I was asked to do and what I was justifiably expected to do. I was asked to pay my 5.00 a week in tithing because that is what the Lord had commanded me to do. The only "domino effect" that occured was my increased faith in the Lord, my Wife's increased faith in the Lord and my Childrens increased faith in the Lord.....among many many other priceless life lessons. You are laboring under a woefully incorrect and cynical notion of the true purpose of tithing. Because we paid our tithing on my 50.00 a week paycheck (thats right) the Lord blessed our family in ways that perhaps you cannot understand. But, I am now 64 yrs old....11 months away from a great retirement.....and in my heart of hearts...I know without doubt, hestitation or reservation that it is the DIRECT result of paying tithing "when we couldn't afford it"!
  8. I'm 64 yrs old...grew up in the 60's with a stay at home Mom. Reading all of these comments...I can certainly see and acknowledge that "one size doesn't fit all". Having said that...some of my happiest memories, or maybe I should say moments of growing up was coming through the door after school and yelling "mom!" and she would always reply "I'm here". Hard to put into words what that meant to me...but for me, it always gave me peace and security and a nice snuggly feeling that all was well in my world.
  9. I must confess that this made me chuckle out loud! All this back and forth about "giving and not giving" what is to much, or not enough. My first thought when reading this was "hey, donating your Green Fees is a good place to start!" Lets face it....the optics of being on the golf course...cell phone in hand is the epitome of "luxury living". To be perfectly clear...I certainly do not begrudge you at all for enjoying the game of golf with family and friends! But given all this back and forth on this thread....the picture this conjured up in my little brain was quite hilarious....at least to me! Carry on! FOOOOORE !!!
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