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  1. Having worked for an independent motion picture company for a few years doing their national marketing, I can tell you that without a major studio supporting the film, it is going to be a major uphill battle to make this film profitable. It is why many films go straight to streaming. I predict this film will only be in the theaters about 2 weeks. Then he better hope he can sell it to streaming. He would have done better doing a regional release in the Mormon corridor. If it did well there, perhaps he could expand to other markets. 650 screens nation wide is really a bad idea. You can't effectively market a film without a huge advertising budget. I think he might be realizing this now and without the Church stepping in to support his project he probably realizes the financial disaster he is headed for. The movie industry is so rigged against independent movie companies having any success at the box office and is extremely risky financially. I hope he didn't put up his house for collateral All of this is true even if the film is an amazing film.
  2. I have been following your posts for a while now. I know you are struggling to figure out how to navigate your lost of trust in Church leaders. I totally get that. Loss of trust in Church leaders was one of the most difficult things for me to navigate. Maybe things were easier for me when I was excommunicated. It made being a part of the Church not possible. Of course they offered a path back, but, where that path lead really wasn't an option for me. I firmly believed that I could be loved and that God wanted me to find someone that could love me. You aren't facing that finality, so for you, you are trying to find a way to navigate a way that will work for you. Being cut off from the Church that I had my whole life was scary. On top of that, I knew that almost all of my friends and even my family would distance themselves from me. Only 3 people from my ward and stake ever talked to me again. It took 13 years before my family decided that I could be included as part of the family again. Yeah those scars are pretty deep. But in a way, it was a blessing. I was forced to evaluate on a very basic level my relationship with God. I was starting from scratch and had to build block by block may relationship with God. That part was way easier than I thought. All the sudden, my relationship was not based on any dogma. It had to be built entirely on how I felt in a very spiritual way and what was right for me. I realized I didn't have to give up my relationship with God or the Spirit. That unfiltered connection seemed stronger than trying to fit that personal connection with God into an institution that I no long trusted. I guess what I am saying that pulling away from the Church does not mean pulling away from God. You might just find that it can actually pull you closer to God. It forces you to trust your relationship with God rather than men who think only they know the correct answers for your relationship with God and have to be a filter for doctrine. You will have to figure out how to do that for yourself rather than being told. It might mean taking a break from the Church, which can be scary for all the reasons it was scary for me. Just offering a different perspective. Hope it is a little helpful. I wish you only the best on your journey.
  3. Thanks for the info. I still don't think people are opposing the building of the temple because it is Mormon. I think it is probably more nimby kinda thing.
  4. Not sure if I am reading the map you sent, but it looks like the Walmart is built in a commercial area. Isn't the temple trying to be built in a residential area? Isn't that the real problem?
  5. I am curious and maybe you could expand a little on this statement. If you do feel that people feel comfortable persecuting the Church, why do you think they are comfortable doing that to the Church and not others? Are they protesting just because it is the Church and they don't really have any legitimate reason to oppose the building of the temple in their area? Do you think they would be just as upset if say Walmart was building that big of structure in their neighborhood? Just wondering where Church members get this idea that they are unjustly being persecuted.
  6. Exactly my point. Now compare 641 million followers with less than 17 million. How many people in the world know what Vaishnavism is? How many people in the world know what a Mormon is. And even fewer know what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is. It is like SMAC labels ANYONE who disagrees with his view of what the Church is, gets the label Anti-Mormon slapped on them. Those handful of people who do bother to challenge some of the things the Church does within his little bubble, no one has ever heard about them either. Those huge numbers of Anti-Mormons only live in his head. Always the victim. Poor guy.
  7. There is a scripture for every point of view you can come up with. Yeah I remember all those talks about "stone cut without hands... that became a great mountain and filled the whole earth". Until the Church stopped growing. Now the goal is to be a small Church that is influencing exactly what??? Can you name anything that you think the Church has done that has had an impact on the world outside of the 0.2125% members? Tell me all about this salt and leaven thing the Church is doing so well to fulfill that scripture. Where are you seeing this massive influence on the world? You think 0.2125% of the population is impressive? Ok. Outside your bubble, the Church is not even on the radar of the vast majority of the world's population. There are NOT massive anti-Mormons out there that care what happens to the Church. And the Church has very very very little influence in the world. My point is, you are not the victim you think you are.
  8. I think it might surprise you how little most of the world cares about Mormonism outside of the Mormon corridor. The only time it gets on anyone's radar is when the Church does something very controversial like refusing to baptize underage children of LGBT parents or are exposed for some controversy like hiding wealth from its members, hoarding 100 billion dollars, and submitting false statements to the SEC. You belong to a tiny Church that doesn't affect very many people outside your bubble. To put this in perspective, how many on this board are aware of Vaishnavism? How often do you read about this religion for good or for bad? Yet they are FIVE times larger than the Church. You first have to care about the Church to oppose what it does.
  9. Thanks for the correction. I have never heard this story. Only about the guy in Ohio.
  10. And there is an error in the article that Calm posted. The first electric stop light was in Cleveland, Ohio
  11. You have been going on for pages about how difficult and irresponsible it is to give away money. Sorry it is not that difficult. But FIRST you have to have the will to give it to worthy causes. I imagine the Church hires a great deal of people to manage EPA and make their money grow. How about setting up a parallel group that specifically works on how best to use the money? The Church already has programs that it could infuse with capital. Is the Pepetral Education fun still working? Does it have enough money to maximize the program? If it is safe enough for the members to contribute to, how about the Church also participating? What other perpetual funds could the Church establish and fund? Giving stipend to seniors who go on a mission. Easing the financial burden of all missionaries. If the Church had the will to do humanitarian projects with it's money, then I am sure they could find the talent to run that arm of their finances. To claim that the Church doesn't have the talent or ability to do humanitarian aid on the basis that to do so is just throwing money away really insults the ability of Church leaders to find the right people to responsible enough to do the job
  12. This reminds me of the first time I visited the ruins at Tulum south of Cancun. I wanted a guide that was Mormon to see if he had any unique insights to the ruins. When I asked, I was referred to Lemuel. He said his parents had 6 boys all named after Book of Mormon characters. Unfortunately his parents were inactive when he was born and didn’t realized they named him after the rebellious son of Lehi the next time I went, we got Moroni as our guide, one of Leumel’s brothers
  13. I did put forth a discussion about what you posted. This is what I replied Now tell me why you think you can dump all of the sexualizing of children that you listed on drag queens reading books to children with their parents sitting right next to them? These are the things you listed: How many of those situations are created by the LGBT community that caused you to single out the LGBT community specifically? And why would you assume that the LGBT community is supporting any of this kind of sexualizing of children? This is what I meant when I said
  14. And don't forget about the parents that put their young girls in beauty pageants putting them in makeup and suggestive clothing. Or letting them watch inappropriate stuff on TV and at the movies. There is lots more sexualized clothing going on at the beach than ever takes place in a drag queen reading stories in the library. Why aren't these all "end of days, the world is collapsing" kinds of events? Oh wait, you can't vilify the LGBT community over those issues.
  15. Clearly this post is talking about how things are going to get worse in the latter days. And this is how LoudmouthMormon answered concerning the latter days. So yeah, he made a direct connection to how evil the latter days is becoming because of the LGBTQ community. It is a repeated accusation that has appeared in various degrees on a pretty regular basis on this board by members of the Church. And while you are more than willing to condemn the LGBTQ drag shows, you SteveO don't seem to bother to comment on these kinds of inflammatory connections.
  16. Like I said, I am not going to condemn every single drag queen by the costumes that appear in the media. I agree that some costumes may not be appropriate for some kids. But that is a decision every parent needs to make based on each unique situation. I can think of a heck of a lot worse things parents allow their children to do that I consider inappropriate. What i am pissed off about is this end of the world mentality because of the LGBTQ community that was brought up once again on this thread ONCE AGAIN. It is demeaning, marginalizing and builds hatred towards the LGBTQ that is not deserved. This kind of discourse does nothing but bring contention between already strained relationships between the Church and the LGBTQ community.
  17. Why are you labeling this as drag queens?? It looks more like cirque du solett. What I do see is parents in the audience sitting right next to their kids enjoying the performance. Are we now on a rampage to condemn all circus acts now too because they are now a sure sign of thee end of the world?
  18. I don't think I can do a blanket judgement on all drag queen costumes that are being worn in these library readings. I think I would have to be there as a parent and make that judgement for what is appropriate for my children. Could it be a problem? For me, yes. Am I willing to condemn every single drag queen reading without seeing what they are wearing? No. Look, I don't agree with the decisions every parent makes in how they raise their kids. But I am not going to condemn an entire group of people based on media stories and hyper outrage by people who aren't there at the event. And I certainly don't think the LGBTQ community should be casts as one of the biggest signs of the evils of the last days. And we all know this kind of rhetoric is not the first time it has appeared on this board.
  19. The thing is, it is the parents that decide what is safe and ok for their kids. Many parents believe that a drag queen reading a story is NOT something that is hyper sexual. Have you even ever been to a drag queen reading a book in the library? Tell me exactly what is sexual about it? You are pulling studies about children being exposed to sexual explicit events early in their childhood as being traumatic and I would agree. But you are making a leap from that to a drag queen reading a book in the library. What I flnd flawed about your freaking out about this is you think this is explicit sex. It is not. It is a costume. YOU are the one that turned this into some melodramatic event, claiming that the world was going to hell in a hand-basket because some parents are ok with their kids listening to a story read by a drag queen in a library. It is a library for heavens sakes with the parents right there next to their own kids. What happens there that makes you so hyper about THIS being the end of the world event? I am not the one that brought this up, you did,,,Again. You seem to want to vilify anyone in the LGBTQ community because you think we shouldn't exist in your world. Lay out your case. WHAT is so sexual about a drag queen reading a book to children in the library with their parents right next to them. Then tell me how THIS is more destructive and evil to the fall of civilization then bombs being dropped on the children and children being taken into slavery that has been happening since the beginning of time and still continues today. And yes, I am sick and tired of Mormons dumping on everything the LGBTQ community does and blaming them for the world falling apart.
  20. It is interesting to me that a civil war can pit brother against brother is not as sure of sign of evil than a drag show. An entire world at war multiple times is not as sure of sign of evil as a drag show. A nation torn apart with opposing political views to the point where families no longer are able to have a meal together is not as sure of sign of evil than a drag show. Human trafficking and children sold into bondage is not as sure of sign as a drag show. Wow. If we could just get rid of all the LGBTQ people in the world, this earth, this nation would be a paradise. And then some wonder why companies don't want to hire BYU students. Must be another sign of the evils of the last days. But hey don't listen to me. I am not an apostle, prophet or whoever else Elder Nelson wants you to only listen to.
  21. I would talk to every person you mentioned because I would want to know an opinion that is different from mine. This is how I grow in empathy and love for others. This idea of limiting different points of view, in my opinion is not the path that God wants His children to take. What you describe is just one big echo chamber. I guess I should stop posting on this board. The whole reason I post is to give a different perspective. I thought that was the purpose of discussing different issues. Elder Nelson apparently thinks that being exposed to different life experiences is to difficult for his snowflake members.
  22. The Church leaders have already convinced me that the Celestial Kingdom is not a place I am wanted or should be unless I have a complete personality change. This just reinforces those teachings. I am passing on wanting to be included with those "special" saints that fit the mold and qualify. I just go about my life trusting God outside of the Church paradigm and living my life in the best way I can. That is plenty of challenge for me. Sorry, I just don't fit. I am not alone. Many are finding that they don't fit the mold. Or perhaps Church leaders like Elder Nelson will find out they have no say who gets in and who is excluded.
  23. That personal attack was uncalled for. If you disagree, present your case.
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