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Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

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3 hours ago, mfbukowski said:

Of course I agree.

I was talking about objective knowledge you can communicate to someone else who does not have a testimony.

The reason I was talking about it that way is because your typical atheist would not understand how you can "know" what is only "feelings in your heart" BECAUSE others may supposedly do what you do and have different results- therefore YOUR alleged "knowledge" is inferior to the athiests "sure knowledge" because he knows in a scientific way which is of course superior (or so they woould want you to think)

So it all comes down, as usual, to words and the definition of "knowledge" which because of this above distinction never use carelessly in writing.

I totally agree- when God has spoken to me,  I know for myself absolutely and without question.  But that ain't gonna convince anyone else but me.

Or on the other hand maybe I cannot live the celestial law.   Whatever, God knows it is by grace alone that I am saved after all that I can do.  Thinking about these things is the purpose of my life and I know that what I know is absolutely certainly what God wants ME to know.  Ain't no hooman beans gonna take that away.  ;)  As the idiom goes, your mileage may vary.  :)   That's hokay wit me! 


And so it appears we do agree after all, despite the deficiencies inherent in human language. 😉

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