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  1. I banned them all for making us defend the indefensible and having such sophisticated arguments that could not be refuted. Nemesis
  2. I’m allowing this thread to stay open with the limited amount of politics in it. Please keep it related to the topic and preferably non-partisan.
  3. Make sure the political commentary is left out of the discussion.
  4. Knock off all the politics. There is still a Site wide moratorium on politics. This is the last warning then we start with site bans instead of topic bans.
  5. I was able to update the certificate. You should have anymore issues,
  6. Once I install it I’ll Post an update.
  7. Because I didn’t think of it while I was setting up the server.
  8. We redirected the site to a self signed certificate secure server. So because we are using a self signed certificate it gives you a warning. If we would have paid for a secure server certificate you would not be getting that warning. It only needs to be answered once and it will be added to your trus.ted sites list. We did this to ensure encryption between the site and client.
  9. We are now on a secure server. It self signed so you will get the warning. If you ad to trusted sites it’ll go away.
  10. Let’s all be respectful of the board guidelines that indicate no proselytizing from either side. Nemesis
  11. We are going to start closing threads that are not started in the correct category. Nemesis
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