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  1. Not sure but there is an update I’m going to do tonight that fixes some bugs maybe that’s one of them?
  2. Ok I’m starting to get reports of to many threads at once. For conversation sake limit how many discussions you are going to have at once.
  3. Update your email before we are forced to suspend the account.  We are receive it bounced email.  

  4. Why not finish with the other topics you posted before starting another one,
  5. Either we are legion or I sometimes confuse the voices in my head. but no.
  6. If this delves deeper into a de-conversion story I will close the thread. We don’t allow them as we don’t allow testimony barring.
  7. Not if they are being used. The email confirmation notice will come up every 6mths so as long as things are up to date it’s not an issue.
  8. I found the setting and removed the topic summary thingy.
  9. You need to update it or confirm it’s still good. It does not affect your account. We have had numerous issues with bounced emails and users leaving notifications on So our inbox would get full.
  10. You can set up your notification in your account preferences. If the setting is not there let me know.
  11. I pinned the post So others can benefit.
  12. Look to the right of your moniker/name there are 3 dots. Click it and a drop down menu should show edit. If it doesn’t then I need to go check a setting.
  13. Nemesis


    You might need to clear cache now.
  14. Failed auto upgrade. Had to do a manual upgrade. All should be working now.
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