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  1. Welcome to Mormon Dialogue & Discussion Board. 
    Some things you should know.

    *You can only start topics in the Social Hall.  This is to introduce yourself and to get a feel for the board and it’s members.

    *You can reply and participate in any thread on the board. 

    *You cannot use the messenger system till you have over 25 posts.

    * You cannot edit your post till after 25 posts.  

  2. It is the intention of all board guidelines to allow me to evaluate topics or posts on a case by case basis. I refuse to completely define what is allowed because there may be posters that will always try to skirt the rules and try to limit moderation . Nemesis
  3. Lds watchman: we don’t allow this. Read the board guidelines. I’d listen to those that are trying to get you to understand our community standards. Nemesis
  4. Where did you all find he reported it to the FBI? But in sure his motivation is he needs to ride this train as long as he can to keep that cash flow coming in from his acolytes. Nemesis
  5. As I suspected it’s a theme setting. If you are on a mobile device the setting is off so you won’t see signatures. The setting is on if you are on a desktop. Nemesis
  6. Not sure I’ll check to see if there is a setting somewhere. Could be part of the theme to have a cleaner look.
  7. We don’t allow personal threads. Nemesis
  8. You missed my point. As in who cares that he threw a party? No one would care if he wasn’t defending the faith and black. Nemesis
  9. So? Would it have matter if he wasn’t defending the faith and black? The girls were white and young, are we shaming girls for what they choose to wear for swimming attire? Or upset that they posed with a black guy. Nemesis
  10. It is germane for the entire board so best in another thread. Why The invitation to create a new thread is one wishes and I wouldn’t be shutting it down due to my policy of not discussing moderation practices. nemesis
  11. Let’s get back on topic if you want a discussion on net nannying feel free to start one. Also I never intended to strictly define it as some people that tend to blur lines would probably play with that line also. Nemesis
  12. Next time report it so I can see it and pay attention. Telling someone to leave a thread just because is not ok, leave that to me and I will make that decision. I have very limited interest on posts (ie I don’t read every post), as you can see I only really have interest in one specific things which is why I never post and my alter ego hasn’t posted here in over a decade. Nemesis
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