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  1. Can I just say anonymity is like a warm cozy blanket. It allows me to run the site without interference from either side. Nemesis
  2. Don't message an admin. Just saying. Nemesis
  3. Well thanks to this thread, I now need to define and create a race baiting rule. sigh
  4. How many accounts do you need I count 5 so far. All with different email addresses but same email names. Stick to one account. Or I’ll ban them all. Nemesis
  5. We don’t allow testimonies or deconversion threads please read board rules. Nemesis
  6. Is this thread about a person or a concept? Nemesis
  7. So I have a problem with your responses to cfr. A response of a random go find it here is not really how it works. Provide the reference and where to find it, just like a proper citations is used in a paper. You make such wild accusations but wax and wane when it comes to backing them up. Do better.
  8. It was political and we have a couple of posters that insist on being hyperbolic to eachother. If you could get them out of the threads so I didn’t have to address so many reports on them, it wouldn’t be a problem. A bigger issue is that they feed off eachother and then others pile in so I can’t just ban the original perpetrators, I have to shut down the thread or spend more time modding everyone’s posts.
  9. Seems like a straightforward question with a simple answer, why are you skirting the question except somehow you are a self proclaimed gate keeper of what Christianity is. Nemesis
  10. Have you even read the board rules. I also rule with an iron fist and don’t appreciate your insolence! -Nemesis
  11. Did you get an email back stating we don’t check emails like ever? I should have an auto reply stating so. I also rarely look at dm’s. Pretty much what I’m saying is the rules should cover any questions and I’m a lazy mod.
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