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  1. The LDS Church in its Book Of Abraham Gospel Topic Essay uses the scholarship of Archaeologist Harco Willems to defend Human Sacrifice. Harco Willems was recently asked "Is the description of the human sacrifice found with in the Book of Abraham match the type of human sacrifice your research discusses in 'Crime, Cult, Capital Punishment'? " Harco was kind enough to respond, "Dear Sir, The Biblical (Book of Abraham) passage DOES NOT CONFORM TO WHAT THE MU'ALLA TEXT DESCRIBES, as attentive reading of the argumentation set forth in my article will imm
  2. He can confirm the snout as well as it being stolen and re-acquired by the Church
  3. Maybe it was Hauglid. He's a good fit. Look at my predictions on what the Church would do that I made a few years ago. About a third of those have happened thus far and more are coming. I have lots of sources inside and again on this particular..... Simply ask Michael Rhodes. Your the newspaper guy. Go do some real journalism. You and I both know you can't pursue that story.
  4. Thanks for the personal attack. In reality you don't care about my story or knowing it as it really is. but by all means... please do continue.
  5. Source is anonymous but michael Rhodes can confirm I’m sure
  6. The plate had been stolen from the church. Snout was removed in church’s possession early in the history Michael Rhodes knew it was missing because it was sold in a yard sale to a “gentile” who framed it and put it up on a wall in his basement. A friend/member saw it while visiting and and asked to take it to be examined. FARMS had Mike R. Look at it and he determined it was the actual plate. photos were taken. They were forwarded to the head Church archivist and he noticed the accession number on the back that matched their records. A year or so later they had reacquired the plate. I don
  7. Someone inside the church/Joseph Smith papers project has confirmed to me that the snout was originally present and was removed
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