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Big change in scouting program coming...

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Looks like it is just the "Varsity and Venturing{" parts of scouting. Everything else will remain the same.

From the link:


The change will not impact the Cub Scout or Boy Scout programs for the church, which will operate as normal. The church will continue to develop programs for its boys and girls that fit the needs of its congregations worldwide.

The Varsity and Venture programs have always been optional to the church. Boy Scout’s national commissioner Charles Dahlquist told KSL the LDS Church has been “very supportive for all of these years” despite it not being fully implemented in the various congregations through the United States and Canada. He added that he expects the decision to be a “positive experience” for all involved.

“This could be a real benefit for these young men as they prepare for missions and for life and for the challenges of life as the LDS Church focuses unitedly with the general authorities, local authorities (and) local youth leaders to be able to help them to have a good developmental experience between 14 and 18,” Dahlquist added.

Boys working toward the rank of Eagle Scout will be able to continue after they turn 14 and will be supported and encouraged in their efforts, the LDS Church said.

“This may actually put a little pressure on families and on these young men to be more engaged and to work to get their Eagle award before they’re 14,” Dahlquist said.


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51 minutes ago, bluebell said:

That's what i'm worried about.  That suddenly kids will be pressured to get their eagle when they are 13.

In a lot of wards, they already are.  In our area at least, we've noticed that if boys don't finish by the time they're 14, they just don't have the time or interest to finish at all.  On-the-ball leaders can make sure the boys who come every week have just about everything except their project and required time (my neighbor made a spreadsheet) done before they turn 13.

As a practical matter, probably what will happen in most wards is that they have one unit of Scouts for the Aaronic Priesthood instead of three.  Boys who haven't earned their Eagle can still plan activities that help them earn merit badges.


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In my stake (and most every unit in the midwest I know of) this will not be a big deal. None of us use varsity or venture. My ward tried really hard to put in varsity a few years ago, but then several men were called into stake positions and there just wasn't enough leadership. So the ward runs BSA with a "deacons patrol" (ages 11-13) and "teacher/priest patrol" (ages 14-18). We're violating the handbook a little, but it works. The older boys still get be involved, go to camp if they want (we have several 14-15 years olds go), have leadership positions, and pursue Eagle if they want. But the older boys also get to split off for more non-traditional scouting stuff. 

So for my unit, this won't be a change of all. At most, it will just give fodder to those who dislike scouting to push for an eventual divorce from BSA. And in the short term it will create some confusion as some members will believe (falsely) that the church is cutting out all scouting.

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One other point: Having boys and leaders registered with BSA helps a lot for insurance purposes when planning a high adventure. It's very difficult to get one approved if it is a "church activity" but very doable if its a "BSA activity"

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5 hours ago, halconero said:

I always though the Army, Navy, Air cadets programs were cooler anyways.

The Scouting program's connection with the Church was never that big up here in the first place.

Up where?

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