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What Happens After We Die?

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Moody's The Light Beyond directly states that the LDS are the most prominent of the Western religions to view the NDE accounts as valid views of the after life. Moody soon found that Crowther's Life Everlasting had preceded the publication of Life after Life. His Reflections of Life After Life referred to some LDS accounts. The Light Beyond includes at least three LDS accounts. He quotes "LDS Leaders" at one point, and that turns out to be Brigham Young. He tells the Jedediah Grant NDE account, but should have included Grant's own comment to Heber C. Kimball. "Why it was just as Brigham has told us many times." Brigham's teachings on the topic came from his own experience at Winter Quarters.

When Moody went to BYU, he spoke to the Nibleys. (Both Hugh and Phyllis have had experiences.) Back then Moody commented that about half of his mail came from Utah.

I've previously mentioned my JBMS 2/1 essay on "Nigh Unto Death: NDE Research and the Book of Mormon."


Kevin Christensen

Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks for the info! I knew Hugh had an NDE in his college years, but I didn't know Phyllis did...where could I find that one?

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