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  1. Fascinating data... 1 in 5 LDS Millenials and 1 in 4 LDS GenZ'ers identifying as LGBTQ! It does make me wonder if the rate of being physiologically LGBTQ has increased or if the acceptance and ability to identify it has increased. I suspect that a good portion of them will settle into a heterosexual relationship. Despite increased acceptance, I think that if one is equally drawn to both sexes, you're more likely to want to marry heterosexually and have the option of biological children. But maybe that's my own cultural conditioning and preference speaking.
  2. I'm not sure what point you are trying to make with the 3 Nephi text.
  3. President Nelson has continually moved the Church toward an increased level of gender equality. Note: Gender equality may not have been his, or the Lord's, primary motivation with the changes but it has been a byproduct. I've long believed that he might be the one to make the (policy) change allowing YW to participate in preparing/passing the sacrament since doctrine doesn't require it be performed by priesthood holders. While I'm at it, I also think we could see women standing in the circle for blessings.
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