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  1. Dan Peterson discussed this over in his blog https://www.patheos.com/blogs/danpeterson/2022/12/stained-swords-false-prophecy-and-accurate-history.html If I'm reading things right, there were already alterations made by the artist himself. Call me cynical, but it seems the trib makes its money catering to angry/bitter ex members and other folks who live in Utah that don't like the church or its values. This is basically an example of that.
  2. I've read quite a bit about the New Apostolic movement around 2012. They are definitely interesting. As a Latter Day Saint, I was disturbed to read about their views on my faith, claiming it was demonic. However in real practice things are a bit more murky as some high profile leaders of this movement are close friends of Glenn Beck (Lance Wallnau is one that comes to mind). They also were supportive of Mitt Romney's campaign. I know that many of them prophesied that Trump would win in 2020, which obviously never happened. I think you bring up a fair point that we need to look beyond what's going on beyond our denominational community and see what else is going on.
  3. https://www.sltrib.com/news/2022/11/25/after-nearly-60-years-salt-lake/ Apparently the Tanners outfit is shutting down. Thoughts?
  4. It definitely is much more noticeable and talked about. I personally think it is happening at a higher rate than before. However I also temper that with looking at church growth. A blog I follow is ldschurchgrowth.blogspot.com which gives really good updates regarding where the church is growing and shrinking. There are still stakes being created here in Utah, as well as shrinkage happening in California, so it's a mixed bag regarding what's going on and how you want to look at it. As an active member, I see reasons to be concerned, but also reasons to not panic. There's a lot of talk about people leaving, but I think that what's overlooked is that many people decide to stay and believe. They just aren't as loud about it as those who leave
  5. There is a movie that came out this past week called Remembering Heaven. It was put together by Sarah Hinze who researches pre birth experiences. My wife and I watched it yesterday and it was very enjoyable. It mixed the philosophy behind it with the history of how it became a heresy with people's personal experiences. Along with those experiencing it, Dr. Teryl Givens and Dr. Dan Peterson were interviewed. Check it out!
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