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  1. As those of you who have read along with come follow me know, we just finished reading about Christ's visit to the Americas. In reading this, I am curious if anyone more knowledgeable than myself is aware of any studies done on archeology, folklore, or other cultural contexts that would indicate some kind of evidence that Christ came to the Americas. Obviously there won't be a smoking gun, but I have heard it mentioned about beliefs of a "white bearded God" here and there, but I want to get some more concrete information. Thanks in advance
  2. To answer the op, I recently watched a series that came out on hulu called Ms. America, which was a dramatic retelling of the battle over the ERA in the seventies between the women's liberation movement and Phyllis Schlafly and the Eagle Forum. Interestingly there is a scene where she calls an operator and asks for Boyd K. Packer. Mormons are mentioned a few more times, but one that made me laugh out loud is when the leaders of feminists lament at how many mormons are in Hawaii and how it's causing major roadblocks to the passing of the ERA.
  3. I'll take a stab at this: I think he's saying that the Saints have suffered enough that in any language what they have dealt with is unjust and horrible. It's being done for rhetorical effect, not to prove he is a master linguist. I think that the context is about the struggles they're going through and trying to gain sympathy for their cause. I have a hard time believing someone's main goal in that letter is to prove how smart they are and prove they're a linguistic genius, but rather to emphasize the gravity of their situation. I can understand why with all the horrible things happening at t
  4. I do remember that now, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I think I was referring more to the Book of Mormon as I'm more familiar with the arguments for and against it, however I do feel a bit more ignorant about the Book of Abraham than I'd like to be
  5. Could you give a bit more information about what you feel has changed?
  6. If you could elaborate on some specific reasons that would be helpful.
  7. I must confess that I'm not as informed as I should be about these issues, but I know that the Book of Abraham has been quite the hot topic lately. A comparison I've seen quite a bit lately is that people who are apologists for the book of Abraham are like flat earth conspiracy theorists, and are basically crackpots who shouldn't be trusted. The two that seem to be attacked the most are Gee and Muhlestein. I was curious why people would think this is or isn't the case, and explain to a layman like me why they feel these characterizations are accurate or not. I'm also asking this to get a bette
  8. This is exactly the information I was looking for, thanks so much!
  9. Hello all! I watched the recent temple video which featured Barker. From what I have heard she has published material that is very favorable to the truth claims of the church. I know a little bit about her but, I want to know more. I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions for me? 1. What is the best place to start in reading her material? What works are your favorite? 2. Do you think she will join the church, or are there things she disagrees with? 3. I promise that I'm asking this in good faith, but while studying a bit on Barker I ran across this post on an ant
  10. Jana Riess wrote an interesting article about this, it can be found here: https://religionnews.com/2017/07/11/rip-anti-mormon-literature/ I'm surprised no one has mentioned it already. To repeat what others are saying, the challenges not just to the church but faith in general are larger and different. Being secular instead of sectarian. Also, on a more positive note I also agree that our defenses and apologetic responses are getting more advanced and compelling each year for those that take the time to read them. Finally, although the evidence overall is mixed and in dispute,
  11. I had an experience where some bats flew into my house one warm summer night, and believe me that's a pretty unpleasant experience. I remember having some of those feelings of compassion. All they were doing was exploring in search of food. Well one got out okay but the other one was still lost and stuck in the house. I actually said a prayer asking that it could make it out safely. Well crazy thing, but the bat actually flew and landed right next to my chair and just sat there. We were able to lift a box under it and off he went. So to me his story of the gnat isn't implausible. Of cours
  12. I so I was rereading Mosiah 26:23 this morning and it says this: "For it is I that taketh upon me the sins of the world; for it is I that hath created them; and it is I that granteth unto him that believeth unto the end a place at my right hand." It seems that this is straightforward way of saying that we were created by God, however I was listening to a podcast recently (LDS Perspectives) and one of the guests who was discussing Joseph Smith's later theology indicated that Joseph repudiated the concept of God being our creator. Admittedly I have no idea where he was coming from, oth
  13. President Nelson said we were invited to Dubai. As interesting as a temple in Shanghai is, I myself am more curious about the backstory of what led to us being invited to a middle eastern country to build a temple
  14. The talks have been great, I think my favorite talk so far is Elder Anderson's talk. Did anyone else enjoy that one?
  15. I don't know, my dad and his siblings grew up in the Holladay area. My pioneer ancestors are Susanna Stone and Thomas Lloyd if that would help as far as genealogy goes. I know Lloyd is basically the Welsh equivalent of Smith so you never know!
  16. I like how she talked about women getting access to the priesthood through their covenants.
  17. Apparently some of his pals prophesied that the coronavirus would magically disappear yesterday... https://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/steve-strang-and-cal-pierce-decreed-that-coronavirus-would-leave-earth-today/
  18. You should see some of the things one of his spiritual advisers, Paula White has been saying lately, that Trump will be helping Jesus cleanse the world of evil and facilitate the rapture.
  19. As I've been reading the book of revelation, as well as various sources of scholarship on the book, it's made me wonder how Joseph read it. A common quote we hear is how he said it was an easy to read book. I know that a lot of scholarship today focuses on the book in its ancient context, rather than as a guidebook for the future, so I was wondering if anyone knows if Joseph read it that way or he read it in a more conservative manner like many evangelical fundamentalists.
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