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Priesthood Session To Be Broadcast Live


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On BYUtv and over the internet. The KSL story referenced a letter from the ordain women group asking for 150 tickets, and the churches polite refusal. I wonder if the feminists will have a conference session watching party in someones family room, maybe complete with scrapbooking and a quilt?  :girl_devil:

I suspect the reason for the broadcast had less to do with feminist tizzys and more to do with access for those who are a fair distance from a chapel, but somehow I bet the gals will spin it as a triumph against patriarchy. 

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:nea: You can disagree with a group without demeaning women.   It is possible.  If you respect women.

I am a compliainist not a sexist. I think all complainers are equally mockable.

And I'm betting that they are more likely to watch it than many men.   For whatever they may be,  uninformed is not part of it.

Yep, I warned them. I said letting women pray in General Conference would take us down this road. Did anyone listen to me? Of course not.

For those who may have had their senses of humor surgically removed that was a joke.

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 more to do with access for those who are a fair distance from a chapel, but somehow I bet the gals will spin it as a triumph against patriarchy. 

I agree that this was likely something they were considering for those that might have to travel an hour or more to get to where it was being shown as there is an emotional and possibly spiritual bonding that can take place even if one is alone in one's home knowing that others are sharing in the same experience wherever they are, whether in their own home as well or at the Conference Center.


PS:  Having read your other posts, I took your labeling as TIC and not serious, but unfortunately it is not possible for someone to know everything a person has said on a subject and so something said in jest may be read as serious by another not as familiar.  I think this is an area where too many have been dismissed as having "tizzy fits" and where "feminist" has been used as a negative label, so while it does spoil fun, I think we need to walk on eggshells for awhile until confidence is built up that it is safe to discuss all positions held without worrying about being attacked.

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