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They wear shoes in the Celestial Kingdom


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I am providing here a full transcription of a letter that the Church architect Joseph Don Carlos Young wrote to Tiffany Glass Co. concerning the stained-glass window depicting the First Vision that was to be put into the Holy of Holies. Although it is an obscure document, it is interesting and important enough to deserve to be more well known. Joseph Young describes details of this vision that are found nowhere else, and his language suggests that he had heard these details from others. Joseph Young was well connected, so it seems likely that he had heard them from people that had known Joseph Smith. Joseph Young describes the appearances and dress of God and Jesus Christ, even their footwear. A photograph of the window and the article from whence this transcription came can be found here: "Ye shall see the Heavens Open".

Salt Lake City, Utah

Sept. 20th 1892

Tiffany and Co.

Art Glass Manufacturers:


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Sounds more like stockings or slippers than shoes.

My daughter and I have voted, we are going barefoot no matter what everyone else is wearing (we hate shoes and we figure that by then everyone will be graceful enough not to step on our bare toes).

Why wear shoes if you can levitate anyway. I betcha it was just to protect them from mosquitoes or other flying insects, once they got home the socks came off and went on the family room floor in front of the TV without a doubt.

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We could also point out, "One very remarkable circumstance connected with these two personages was, that they were the exact likeness of each other and the express image of one another, so much in that they could not be distinguished the one from the other, excepting in one perticular only, and that was: this: the countenance of the one indicated that He was older than the other..."

How is age reflected in immortal beings once the full maturity of the body is obtained?

One could also point out that other depictions of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, not of the First Vision, but of the two in heavenly realms, depicts them as barefoot.

Whatever the case, katherine the great correctly points out that we really don't know how immortal bodies work and if their outward appearances are static or dynamic (e.g. can/do immortal beings shave, can they choose to gain/lose weight, grow or shrink an inch or two, change skin color, grow fingernails, etc. etc.).

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