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  1. Actually, I missed that only version A has the source note of "English in the handwriting of JS, Oliver Cowdery, and William W. Phelps; hieratic and unknown characters in unidentified handwriting (likely JS and possible Cowdery)". Version B and version C have their own source note and they don't have any handwriting from JS. So the only document that has any handwriting of JS, is the Alphabet A. And it isn't just his handwriting. And it is only 4 leaves. And it is basically a copy of B and C.
  2. Are you sure it is a waste of time? I have JSP vol 4 and went through the sections on the Egyptian Alphabet (pages 55-109) and the Grammar and Alphabet of the Egyptian Language (pages 111-190). For the later, there are 36 pages and it only says "English in the handwriting of William W. Phelps and Warren Parrish; hieratic and unknown characters in unidentified handwriting (likely Phelps and Parrish)" For the former, it has "English in the handwriting of JS, Oliver Cowdery, and William W. Phelps; hieratic and unknown characters in unidentified handwriting (likely JS and possible Cowde
  3. Interesting. Thanks for that. I do see President Nelson to be doing those 6 things. Just maybe not with a lot of thundering (it is hard to imagine him thundering).
  4. Apparently Utah doesn't have as high of antibody spread as other places in the US. Per https://www.ksl.com/article/46772985/utah-researchers-findings-show-most-residents-highly-susceptible-to-covid-19-infection
  5. If Elijah lived today, what would you expect him to do? What are other people you accept to be prophets in the Bible? How would you expect each of them to act? I'm not sure if you've read these but https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/scriptures/bd/prophet?lang=eng, https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/gospel-principles/chapter-9-prophets-of-god?lang=eng, and https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/preach-my-gospel-a-guide-to-missionary-service/lesson-1-the-message-of-the-restoration-of-the-gospel-of-jesus-christ?lang=eng (specifically the "Heavenly Father Reve
  6. How does Tacenda's statement not describe Elijah? I read her statement and I see that describing Elijah just as well as President Nelson. Both of them had the same calling and responsibility.
  7. Getting numbers that are comparable across time has been a problem for months. I've used a bunch of different resources, ranging from the CDC, to individual states, and to news agencies, to try and see how the numbers are changing. Each entity has slightly different numbers. And that is because of where the data is coming from and how it is being reported. With Tennessee, I checked their website (https://www.tn.gov/content/tn/health/cedep/ncov/data.html) and while it is true that they've switched the daily reported number to include both probable and confirmed, they are still reporting
  8. Utah has a "Estimated Recovered" chart. You can see it near the middle at https://coronavirus.utah.gov/case-counts/. It calculates the recovered amount by assuming any case that didn't end in a death has recovered after 21 days. So, I guess you could use that same idea when looking at the charts of other states (if they don't have their own recovered chart). Subtract the total of cases that are more than 21 days old.
  9. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanchi/article/PIIS2352-4642(20)30177-2/fulltext is a link to the actual study
  10. I thought everyone on ventilators need intubation, but I don't know. I think you are talking about the "Ventilators in Use Covid-19" and the "Intubations Covid" graphs. It looks like the first graph is a running total. Each day is the number of people needing a ventilator. And the second graph is a daily snapshot. Each day is the number of intubations performed. So if the second graph (intubations) is flat, the first graph (ventilators) should still be going up because more people are being added to the existing ventilated population. If the second graph is going down, then the
  11. Talking about hospitalization usage: Texas's usage can be found at https://txdshs.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/0d8bdf9be927459d9cb11b9eaef6101f. Click on "Hospitals - Statewide". It has almost tripled since the beginning of June and is still increasing. Arizona's usage can be found at https://www.azdhs.gov/preparedness/epidemiology-disease-control/infectious-disease-epidemiology/covid-19/dashboards/index.php. Click on "Hospital Covid-19 Specific Metrics". It also has almost tripled since the beginning of June and is still increasing. California's usage can b
  12. It would lower the death rate initially. But as pogi mentioned, younger age will still spread it to older age and those with pre-existing conditions. Plus, hospitals will still get overwhelmed. Even though the younger age might survive it, they'll need hospitalization. The Utah hospitalization rate for 25-44 is 4% (see the Total Hospitalizations by Age chart on https://coronavirus-dashboard.utah.gov/#hospitalizations-mortality). And once these cases go to the hospitals, the hospitals run out of space and resources for non-covid19 problems. And that's when we get more deaths in the older
  13. The graph that article is showing is from https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus/country/united-states?country=~USA I think the data is correct. The only problem is that deaths is a lagging indicator. It can take up to two weeks for deaths to occur. In that time, the disease could have double the number of cases and two weeks later, there will be even more deaths. So the people who are "fear-mongering" (according to the linked article) generally don't look at the death rates to start "fear-mongering". They are looking at the number of cases or the positive test percentage. Those numbers
  14. Utah has an official site that shows their numbers: https://coronavirus.utah.gov/case-counts/ If you click on the "Incidence & EpiCurve" link in the blue bar and scroll down to the bar chart, you can see the daily rate as well as a 3 day average and smoothing line. Utah has been fairly flat for almost a month. There are bumps and dips but the smoothed line is pretty flat.
  15. Do temples have to be announced to the general membership? Since Shanghai is going to be a limited use temple (only citizens of China are allowed and it could be temporary), why did it need to be announced? The only people that will be able to use it would be Chinese citizens and it could easily be announced to them through more direct channels (such as their district/stake presidents). I'm starting to wonder what was the purpose of announcing it to the general membership. Couldn't President Nelson or someone authorized by him have just dedicated a building in Shanghai as a temporary templ
  16. The semantic hair-splitting might actually be needed because of the Chinese relationship. Just like how we don't have missionaries in Russia; instead we have "volunteers". Maybe China will not accept a temple but will accept an endowment house. To us, they are the same thing. But to the Chinese government, they are different. So, maybe, any discussion about a temple with the Chinese government will get incorrect answers because a temple isn't going into Shanghai.
  17. I saw the pictures fine when you first created the post but now all I see is a list of characters. It says you edited the post so maybe the edit messed up something for the rest of us?
  18. It looks like the old lady in that quote is Lucy Smith. All the preceding statements are talking about Lucy Smith and then there is a subsequent statement where she talks about "her son Joseph".
  19. I found a page on familysearch that talks about the Loyalist Canadian immigration - https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/Canada_Immigration,_United_Empire_Loyalists_(National_Institute). It has a line that says: Looks like your ancestor was a "Late Loyalist". You could also apply to be a member of United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada.
  20. There's probably a lot of places where the church shut down before the government told them to. For reference, the church sent out the world wide letter on March 12 (see https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/gatherings-worldwide-temporarily-suspended). You can find out when various locations stopped mass gatherings (which generally includes churches) at https://covid19.healthdata.org. Here's a sampling of locations that are after the letter: Alabama - March 19 (7 days after the letter) Arizona - March 30 (18 days after the letter) Texas - March 21 (9 days after
  21. In Arizona (and a lot of other places), most things that you tell your bishop in confidence can not be divulged by the bishop in court. If the bishop divulges in court, he breaks the law. Outside of the court, if he divulges that information, then he has breached confidence and you could sue him for that. Imagine a case where you told the bishop in a confession that you had an affair. And then the bishop tells your spouse. Because he breached the confidence, you could sue him for that. Same with confessing child abuse. The bishop may tell others about it (and might even be legally requi
  22. In the court case from 1988, it was retroactive. He told the authorities in 1984 about conversations he had in 1968 and between 1976-1980 with the bishops and stake leader. The confidentiality of those conversations were waived because he told the authorities about it. Those officials could be compelled to talk about the conversations. In the present case, if the man never talked about his meetings with the bishop, then I don't think the bishop can be compelled to disclose what happened in those meetings. But if the wife talks about them, then the bishop might be compelled to talk abo
  23. Here's the law from 2010: https://law.justia.com/codes/arizona/2010/title13/13-3620.html. The same website has it for 2010-2012 as well as a few other years: https://law.justia.com/codes/arizona/. The sections talking clergy appear to be similar between 2010 and today. While I was trying to find earlier versions of the law, I happened to come across a lawsuit from the 1988 that involved the church and child abuse. You can see the legal opinion from an appeals court related to this case at https://casetext.com/case/church-of-jesus-christ-v-superior-court. In the case, a stake preside
  24. I found an interesting law review that talks about happens when someone breaks a confidentiality privilege (priest-penitent, doctor-patient, lawyer-client) and discloses to the authorities of a crime outside of the court room. It's 57 pages and you can read it at https://openscholarship.wustl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1303&context=law_lawreview. It mentions a few cases: * A psychologist learns from a patient that she had murdered her son. The psychologist breaks the doctor-patient confidence and informs the police. The police get a confession but during the trial, the de
  25. According to the news report: If that is what the hotline told the bishop, then the church lawyers didn't "skip over" that section of the law. There is "no duty to report" in Arizona law for clergy. The actual law can be seen at https://www.azleg.gov/ars/13/03620.htm. The relevant line is in the first paragraph of subsection A and it says Also interesting is subsection L: The bishop would not be able to testify against the man unless the man consented to it.
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