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  1. If he had been a "likable" and "genuinely lovely" bishop, stake president, or some other church leader do you think she would have written the same sort of article? I tend to think not. Which, if I'm not mistaken, is kind of the point the OP was making.
  2. I don't think these really rise to the point where one would actually need to have their records moved though. As I said, it depends on the specific circumstances, so I don't want to make it sound as though it would never be possible - just that it would likely be a pretty rare occurrence.
  3. That is because the geographical boundaries of the foreign language branch encompass multiple ward boundaries, so such approval is not necessary. You can attend the branch because you live in the branch. In fact, sometimes a stake will 'call' families to attend a foreign language branch to help provide needed support. But I've never seen just one member of a household switch - it has always been the whole family (at least, from what I have seen). Like I said, it would be a rather strange set of circumstances which would have one household head attend a different unit from the re
  4. The 'can it be done' question is pretty simple: yes, most definitely. However, if the family is all living together, it would be a rather strange circumstance to have one parent attend a different unit from the remainder of their household. Usually the whole family goes or the whole family stays.
  5. That's wonderful to hear! My parents have just recently been able to return to church as well, and they shared similar feelings.
  6. God doesn't despise the wise, the learned, or the rich - at least, not in absolute terms. I think what God despises is the wise and learned who think they know better than God and ignore his commandments. Same goes for the rich who think they don't need God and/or have no obligation to help their fellow man.
  7. Amulek


    No, not the Last Airbender - nor even that overrated 3D movie with all the blue aliens. No, I'm talking about those little pictures which appear next to our (usually pseudonymous) names. Now, technically, this may count as a personal thread, so if it gets deleted - so be it. However, if you find it before the lock, here's your chance to offer a suggestion on what I should start using for my avatar. Right now, I'm leaning towards good ole' Homestar Runner, but feel free to offer up any other fitting and/or awesome alternative.
  8. This has been an ongoing issue in the Olympics as well - for many years, in fact. In my opinion, the whole point of the women's category in elite sports is to provide a space free of competition from athletes with male bodies. And that is for a good (and obvious) reason. When male bodies compete against female bodies in elite sports, the guys win - hands down, every time. I remember seeing a chart once that showed the fastest women of all time for a couple of common track events; their times were plotted on a chart along with all of the times for those same events completed by
  9. It's only "creepy" if you take it out of context, mischaracterize it, and/or willfully persist in not thinking about it...
  10. Were not for the mandatory leadership service requirements, I think more boys would have pushed for it. Almost all of the young women in our ward - including the majority of the Beehives - worked tirelessly to earn their young women's medallion before the program expired. Unlike the young men, they were able to do so because that program didn't have the same sort of mandatory time minimums that had to be met. While I never much cared for camping (too many scout camps in the Texas heat), I took a lot of good things from my time in scouting, and I'm still proud that I comple
  11. Those who were fairly close made a concerted effort to finish things off before the deadline. Technically, a couple of them ended up moving to a non-LDS troop because, while they had finished everything prior to the end of the year, there wasn't enough time to get them all scheduled for their board(s)? of review. However, it seemed as though pretty much everyone who was First Class or lower (who would have needed to join / go another year for minimum leadership requirements) didn't really bother.
  12. The interview questions are, by design, all publicly available. You can find the First Presidency letter regarding (and including) the current temple questions on the church's website, here: https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/multimedia/file/first-presidency-temple-recommend-letter.pdf The instructions for conducting interviews specifically state that, "As leaders conduct temple recommend interviews, they should not omit, add to, or modify any of the temple recommend questions." My understanding is that this has long been the instruction. That being said, I ha
  13. Not to our knowledge. We have been tracking every known case of COVID-19 among our members, and nobody in our ward has contracted it from attending church. The most common source of infection seems to have been from kids: traveling home from college, working over the summer, hanging out with friends / not social distancing, etc. The Spanish branch in our Stake got hit pretty hard, but (again) that was mostly people getting it from work - not church related.
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