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  1. Well, there's a high-paying rat race as well. Maybe it has nicer floors, but it comes with many of the same problems: long hours, frequent travel, etc. All of which can inhibit one's ability to serve.
  2. I do this as well, though years of tough English teachers plus (I believe) a board rule about not changing other people's quotes, means I put my changes in brackets to indicate that it isn't the original author's direct quote. However, since the board doesn't let us edit the html code directly, I sometimes have to use parenthesis for this instead of brackets - otherwise it will read a bracketed letter (e.g., s, i, or b) as being an opening html style tag and then the rest of the quote - along with my reply - ends up being stricken, italicized, or bolded. Usually pretty easy to catch, but
  3. This is one of the best things I have ever heard. A very good way for me to end the night.
  4. I believe this would be better phrased by asking, "Is it possible to resist correcting improper grammar?" Or, perhaps, "Is it possible to resist correcting grammar mistakes?" Either way, I think the answer is clearly "no."
  5. So something kind of like a Mormon bar mitzva party then? I don't think that is a common thing, at least not anywhere I've ever been in the church. Sounds like this particular family just decided to use the occasion as an excuse to (as @bluebell said) throw a party. If that's what they want to do, that's fine. Seems kind of strange to me, but I'm not in their family and don't know what their family is like.
  6. I've seen extended families get together when a child is being baptized and then all hang out for a meal afterwards - maybe even at a restaurant if they're fancy. But I've never even heard of people having some kind of special celebration for a 12 (err, 11) year old boy being ordained to the priesthood. Is this really a thing?
  7. Makes me glad I've got a garage...
  8. And shotguns. Don't forget the shotguns. I've got no idea how those are supposed to play into things, but I'm fairly certain I don't want to know.
  9. I hope we get to be the chocolate dipped kind. Or maybe that new cinnamon flavor I saw the other day.
  10. I was friends with an LDS family from France many years ago, and I remember having a few discussions with them about how strange they thought Americans were with respect to physical contact - as though all touch were inherently sexual. The way we behaved seemed so...foreign to them. Whenever we would meet, even in public (including at church), I would receive a hug and kiss on the cheek from each of them: father, mother, and teenage daughter included. Even at Wednesday night activities, if their daughter saw me she would run up and give me a hug / kiss just the same as she would with an
  11. I've noticed this is a much more common attitude nowadays, as opposed to when I was growing up. I know tons of people who won't let their kids have sleep-overs any more. Instead, they have 'late-overs' now. I remember my wife first telling me about this when our daughter wanted to have friends over for one of her birthdays. My initial reaction was to take a bit of offence at the unstated implication that I might be an abuser. I recognize that they were just making an across-the-board policy for their kids, not trying to say something about me specifically, but it still seemed kind of off-
  12. Played this one on New Year's Eve... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D5PtyrewSs&list=PL_UzeeQzbyEak3OJgb4bFfhu-_1dZGcfv
  13. I think Latter-day Saints have a pretty accurate understanding of what is taught by most other religions with respect to eternal togetherness. Whether or not that corresponds to what people actually believe...that's a different story. I remember meeting a couple on my mission who believed in eternal families, just as we teach (as opposed to what their church taught) - they just happened to think that their church was wrong about that part.
  14. Seriously. I honestly don't see how he could wrap everything up in a single, final novel as originally planned. And it's been so long since WMF came out, that I've pretty much given up on him at this point. I think the only thing that could redeem him at this point would be if he were to simultaneously release the third book along with an entirely separate continuation trilogy to flush out the ending of the story. Pretty sure that's never going to happen though.
  15. Very good. We wouldn't want any sort of...accident to befall you or your wife, now would we.
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