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  1. Don’t play coy. I just found footage of your nation’s plans: Probably not ideal. More expensive than building a wall and a wall is still expensive. Maybe you could hide the costs of the wall though by saying the US will pay for it?
  2. So if those mythical Antifa supersoldiers had shown up heavily armed at an anti-mask rally with the stated goal to deter violence you would treat them as vigilante heroes?
  3. Did they leave in the part about dusting your feet off when you leave?
  4. I agree. The police brutality (I am not sure I would call it ‘terrorist operations’ but I will not argue the point) has not gotten enough air time.
  5. No, I am pointing out that one would have to be an idiot to assume that intimidation was not their goal. I am not comparing whether they are equally ethical.
  6. The media has been underplaying the protests in general. I expect we will see a protesting surge when evictions start piling up with another message added.
  7. There really not much of anything to call real economics once you get into macroeconomics. Most of it is imaginary. The Reserve injects a billion dollars buying securities. The bank uses that to loan 10 billion dollars. Where did that money come from? Magic!
  8. They just want to loom over them with guns. They didn’t actually say they wanted them to stop so we can assume they don’t? When the police fire tear gas into the crowd is it a bridge too far to assume they want the crowd to disperse. Can the “Whittling and Whistling” brigades in Nauvoo be viewed as neutral on the presence and speech of the apostates and troublemakers they shadowed by that same logic? If so the General Authorities are pretty dumb to bring them up as an example of Priesthood courage. Makes what they did dumb and pointless.
  9. Preserve your beautiful innocence.
  10. Traditional theory is that would spur inflation. Then again when it comes to macroeconomics the old statement that anyone who claims they understand it well enough to reliably predict cause and effect is either an idiot or a charlatan.
  11. So to shut down a protest just send a few provocateurs and all is fair? Guilt by association. Of course this excuse falls apart when you start targeting medics and the press who are pretty easy to distinguish.
  12. The idea that police in Seattle and Portland are not taking "firm action" is not supportable. I think you will have to look elsewhere for a rationale in the shift. I would also add that Utah police showed, in general (I am aware of some bad Utah incidents), relative humanity to protesters. In cities where unprovoked or disproportionate force was used the protests were exacerbated. This was particularly the case when the force was applied to those not involved in the provoking incident.
  13. A comment I saw that keeps bouncing around in my brain: "We're gonna have to retire the expression 'avoid it like the plague' because it turns out humans do not do that" Wait, this may explain the problems with pornography many church members have. "Stay away from pornography as you would avoid a serious disease." - President Gordon B. Hinckley And they did.....
  14. I was King of the Plague Rats in Premortality. Did you not get a kingdom then?
  15. It is worth noting that annual checkups are not a worldwide thing and there is currently controversy on whether they are worth doing. After having read up on it my tentative conviction is everyone should just get bloodwork run at a clinic once a year and only do a checkup if something comes up in that. Obviously if you are actually ill or have high risk of something or whatever you probably need more. It was a bit scary in some areas what kinds of procedures were labeled as non-essential.
  16. In DFW I have seen that most people are wearing masks. People who thought they were unnecessary are mostly wearing them due to social pressure. Occasional stories about someone petulantly refusing due to "MAH RIGHTZ!" but I have not seen it. Cases are still on the rise in many counties.
  17. On the bright side every night has a free course in counter-counterinsurgency training.
  18. Always. I am not going to be the next Nephi. Gotta have two.
  19. Be the change you want to see in the world! Want to borrow my crossbow?
  20. The continuing boomer retirements will help the labor market. Assuming we do not dump the elderly in ditches it will be a boost to support them. One way to make money right now if you have no soul is to get into cheap sleazy retirement homes and focus on grabbing people with no family or disinterested family and collect their social security checks. Wages may go up unless immigration restrictions are loosened. That will only last for about a decade and a half though.
  21. A group of more than 600 doctors signed it? “Thousands of physicians in all specialties and from all States would like to express...” Huh. Did not get the expected volume of signatures?
  22. My area is a COVID hotspot is growing cases and deaths. Protests, some violence. Police just revised their “use of force” standards in the city. Governor is frustrated that local politicians pressured him for mandatory mask wearing And when they got it they did not even wear masks in accordance with the new rule. A lot of idiocy basically. So pretty normal except for the death toll.
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