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  1. I want to play a whole bunch of LDS podcast episodes and I'm looking for the best podcast player? Do you have any favorites?
  2. i am looking for LDS people using virtual worlds. For me I am in Second life. There is a LDS community there at Adam ondi Aham . love to see you there. but i am also wonding if there are any LDS communities on other online virtual worlds. Let me know...thx
  3. Can I use phone to tune into frequency to ear speakers in LDS chapel...it would be nice to use Bluetooth ear buds in that way. The LDS building library was closed and I couldn't check out the hard of hearing device.
  4. Join Me In Second Life! Look for me as ChristianMormon Kidd Find other LDS Members

  5. i want to find PRO LDS discussion boards.....looking for the best ones....THX
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