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  1. This is my first post on this forum, and I’m unlikely to post again. I feel so strongly, however, about what has been said here that I feel compelled to add my witness. I have witnessed horrific spiritual abuse in disciplinary councils. I have seen behavior by church leaders so shameful that I couldn’t believe it was happening. I have been a part of a disciplinary council of a public figure. The order to excommunicate the individual was given well in advance by the Committee for Strengthening Church Members. The actual disciplinary council was a formality and resembled a kangaroo court. The evidence against the individual was all compiled by the COB and local leaders simply carried out orders. The accused was not given any meaningful chance for a defense or to influence the outcome. My experience with non-public figures has been mixed. Some good results but the majority have been filled with shaming and humiliation. I’m not here to argue these issues. I just want to add my witness to what the previous poster has described.It saddens me to see it happen all too often.
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