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Martin Luther on polygamy

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5 minutes ago, Pyreaux said:

Yes, listen to your forum mother, be nice to your forum brother, no matter who's annoying who, because if you two are still fighting when the forum father gets home, you might be the one fixing to get it.

... Or reframe it differently as a serious deep probing question if you want to know. "Why can one leave the church but can't leave it alone?" It's a big mystery. I know if I left the church, it's a part of me, I would probably copy much of it and try to apply it to another faith.

You make an interesting point. My wife and I have never joined the church, but are having a difficult time leaving it! Go figure that!

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1 hour ago, Calm said:

And an atheist (or agnostic) can discuss religion. It’s not that hard. Sometimes they are much better at it than a believer.

If the owner/moderator wanted Teancum gone, he has had a decade and more to do it in…and yet he hasn’t. Nemesis’ opinion on this is ultimately the only one that matters. 

Teancum is part of the board’s family.

My guess is if you continue to take it upon yourself to disinvite other posters, especially long term ones, it will be you getting disinvited by the one who can make it happen. 

Thank you!

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6 minutes ago, The Nehor said:

You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.

Yeh, my favorite group! The Eagles! Actually we lived in California three different times. We left and we always went back!

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