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  1. Why is it Mormonism seems to spawn so many lunacies?
  2. Wow. I guess the prophet is only the prophet when he says things you like and support. Everyone is an apostate in their hearts.
  3. A good reason heath care should not be market driven.
  4. God can lie apparently because a whole lot of people that think God is talking to them do bad things. What is the date today? Why do you know it is God and they don't? You just cannot get around this problem.
  5. Yet you think God is telling you things are true in spite if evidence that they are not.🙄
  6. I don't think the textual critics scholars would agree with this dismissal.
  7. Because it has not been tested enough to show it as a viable treatment. People scoff at the vaccine but with hundreds of millions of doses we have a pretty good idea of how effective it is. But not do for ivermectin. Do the studies. If it works be all means lets use it.
  8. Did you check out the Sam Harris podcast? I was able to get it around the paywall.
  9. More like 99%. 1% is still a lot of death. Or do you have no concern about the 650k that have died as well as others from the collateral damage the pandemic has caused. How many deaths are you ok with. Maybe we should have just done nothing and let all 330 million of us get it and watch 3.3 million die. What would that have done to our health system, the economy and so on. I am amazed that people still say this. God help us if we get a virus that say kill 5% or more and is as contagious.
  10. Nah stick around. Believe it or not you do cause me to think about things and try different approaches. I am not a totally lost heathen.
  11. I understand your point. And anyone can have anything be valid for them, good or bad. I can believe in fairies, elves and Hobbits and that they are real if I feel good about it and it is valid for me. The book The Lord of the Rings certainly has messages that resonate with me. Ok I have no need to put down the church. I am simply critical of some of the things it claims and does. Why does that seem to bother you? What was your need to leave Catholicism? I think that might be a good topic for another thread. But one does not need religion to deal with the world and in many ways religion harms the way people deal with the world. Why make it personal? Why are you sorry for me. I am quite happy and much happier without what I view as false beliefs. Maybe you should feel sorry for yourself and other believers?
  12. Having followers does not signify truth. People follow all sorts of things that are not true. Nor are all religions valid.
  13. Fair enough. But the church does emphasize feelings as a primary means of receiving a testimony.
  14. Yep the President has thrown the gauntlet down and the screaming about violating the constitution and being Biden being a senile dictator has already started.
  15. What are my sources for concluding what I conclude? Is tat what you mean? What do you think I am "pretending" about? Sorry but I am not sure I follow. My point is we all have bias. For example, as a believing Latter-day Saint I was at one point extremely opposed to homosexual marriage. As my faith transitioned and I explored the issue more my stance had turned 180 degrees. My religion severely influenced my position. Once I got passed the God says so on the topic I started looking at the ethical issues and the human rights issues and changed my thoughts on the topic. But I still have bias. As do you. And if your experience as a believing Latter-day Saint is similar to mine the Church is a strong influence on your ideas about this topic. And of course there are other influences for you as well.
  16. Hmmm I thought this one was not pay walled. Let me check. The podcast specifically references Weinstein and the Rogan interview. Yes Malone is a quack as well. They discuss him on the podcast as well. Harris, who like Weinstein says he is promoting something that has not been properly tested and his misinformation is dangerous.
  17. Emotional? Not really. I said sure look at alternatives if they have been properly tested. Listen to the podcast I posted if you want to know more about the couple drugs you mentioned.
  18. Weinstein is a quack and has been debunked over and over. He has no valid studies. None. I would suggest you listen to this podcast. It seems you could use it. https://samharris.org/subscriber-extras/256-contagion-bad-ideas/
  19. Yes the vccine can if the other treatments have been tested as thoroughly and shown to be effective. Which neither have. But go drink horse dewormer if you want.
  20. Sorry I stand corrected. I did say that. Agree. Ok. I did say my view is influenced by my bias as well but I don't pretend I know what God thinks about it. I am not sure I said solely. But it is influenced and it seem to me based on what you post it is heavily influenced by it.
  21. I di not say tainted. But is strongly influenced. As is mine by rejecting that the LDS leaders are getting God's message on this issue.
  22. For Latter-day Saints it is. Not so for other Christians.
  23. I am happier now than I ever was as an active TBM. I have purpose and meaning and constantly seek to improve it as I learn more and explore without the baggage of thinking I know what some God says and thinking I have the truth. I am happy being uncertain and not always wondering if I measure up to some made up standard that someone thinks God is telling them. I hope there is more than just this life and something beyond but I do not know and neither do you or anyone else. I participate on this board for entertainment mostly because I like discussing such things and am always open to learning or even being wrong and persuaded to something else. Why do you participate on this board. Does your over the top arrogant certainty bring you happiness and purpose? Does operating in a way that approaches even your fellow saints as not knowing as much as you bring you peace? What is your goal in posting here? Since you asked me I thought I would ask you.
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