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  1. I thought the Hyde Amendment prohibited this at least on a federal level. Sure. That is what America is all about. Sure. A lot of companies are planning to pay to assist employees go to state to obtain an abortion. Disney, ****s Sporting Goods, Google and so on. You are free to vote with your $$ and not spend them at such companies.
  2. Evangelical Well at least your are consistent.
  3. It is amazing to me that the pious complain that their religious freedom s under attack. I would say hardly at all in the US. Religion is alive and well and as we are seeing religious people are making great strides in pushing their agenda on the public on people who do not hold religious beliefs. While those with no religious affiliation is growing in the US they are still a minority. And open atheist running for public office is likely to be hampered by their lack of public belief.
  4. Because in the US we have a separation clause and while there is freedom of religion there should be freedom from religion as well. Would you be quite fine if a EV Christian excluded LDS students from such prayers because they are not Christian? Would you be ok with a satanist doing whatever they do on the 50 yard line?
  5. Do his actions pull in students into the prayer? Do they feel pressure to participate? Will a LDS student or Islamic student or atheist student be ostracized if they don't participate? Do you think the outcome would be different if this were a Muslim doing the prayer on the 50 yard line?
  6. Is this free speech or freedom of religion? And from religion.
  7. THe scriptures are not evidential. They make a claim but do not provide evidence.
  8. It is the same issue for any species that evolved. So why is it relevant?
  9. Interesting. Thanks for taking the time to lay this out.
  10. Well if one take out the idea that there is God and that there was a pre existence (which other Christians reject) then how does the above apply? Homo Sapiens are simply a more evolved and intelligent animal species. And as far as we can tell, the most advanced and most evolved. A human is just a species. An advanced form of ape. So what if humans diverged from their predecessors given the fact that we are just animals like other animals?
  11. What evidence do you need? There is evidence that humans existed long before Adam and Eve allegedly existed. By the way where is your evidence for Adam and Eve?
  12. I know many will disagree but I think they are. And I think you need to do a lot of mental gymnastics to make it work. I did this for decades but facts won out over faith. I think they do but again others disagree. And to be fair in the early 20th century there were debates among a number of top leader about this. While the official church position is basically no position and we do now know. However for much of the 20th century the JFS/McConkie position seemed to prevail. See Rongo's comment represents his faith position and thus he dismisses evidence as sketchy or limited which it really is not.
  13. Because it conflicts with his faith and his faith triumphs over fact.
  14. And what were all the Home Sapiens before Adam and Eve?
  15. Smac As an attorney what is your take on Judicial review? I did not realize till this week that really there could be a position to ignore judicial review. It is not in the constitution. Why does the SC have authority to invoke or revoke law? Can their decisions be simply ignored? I read an article that said this really started with the Marbury decision and Chief Justice John Marshall. And while Jefferson did not favor judicial review he accepted it in this case as the outcome was one he wanted.
  16. Sure. They should all be legal. Regulated but legal. I am all for compassionate end of life procedures for the terminally ill. You might be surprised. How do you know many pro choice are not for compassionate end of life law?
  17. Let's do away or ignore judicial review; Where in the constitution does the SC have any binding power on law?
  18. Good for you. Many legal scholars disagree. And every right you have is not specifically mentioned in the constitution. It seems nonsensical to take such a position.
  19. Sure. Have you considered that the Constitution actually confers broader rights and that states don't have the right to limit due process or the right to privacy? You know, the 14th amendment and all that? Have you also considered that the SC issues a ruling in the same week that blatantly contradicts the first amendment? THe court seems a bit inconsistent.
  20. The bolded is not correct and still even so on NY where the law was the the SC struck down They only said the special reason requirement for a concealed permit was i constitutional. There are still a lot of hoops to jumps through in NY to get a concealed weapon permit.
  21. Thomas won't recues himself ever. The man is corrupt.
  22. I am not sure this is accurate. Something like 19 states have trigger laws that outright ban abortion if Roe V wade is overturned and thus here we are. Other states that limit abortion have laws in process to prohibit women in their state seeking an abortion in another state and also prohibit shipment of the abortion pill into their states.
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