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  1. Yea the way you and others use it is racist no matter your protestation.
  2. Such a strong noble fellow you are( Not really)....I would say more but we are not supposed to be political. I guess I am not surprised that you parrot he whom we will not name.
  3. In his book How Jesus Became God Ehrman argues that Jesus never claimed to be God, divine or anything that LDS doctrine would attribute to him. This is why I think the books claims are very problematic for Latter day Saints.
  4. Can you share on what basis you disagree with him on that score?
  5. It seems to me that the LDS Church and most its members would not view the NT canon the way Ehrman portrays it. Have you read his book How Jesus Became God? That book pretty much argues against Jesus being divine at all. You don't find that problematic for Latter Day Saints?
  6. Yes EVs do not like him. Much of his research and books are also problematic for Latter Day Saints.
  7. It is sad that a Church has such authoritarian control its members I think. One of the main reasons I cannot go back to active church participation is I am not able to be authentic.One cannot openly discuss anything that does not toe the party line. There is a word for this.
  8. Sure. Wear a mask. Your liberty ends at my nose. If you need to be shamed to wear one I am fine with it. The US is the pandemic debacle of the world because of this attitude that "you are infringing on my liberty to have me wear a mask" as well as a similar approach to other things. And we see the rise in conservative republican states for the most part. Don't want to wear a mask? Then stay home, don't enter a store or other close quarters. If that is shaming so be it. IDK.
  9. Those valid reasons don't include "I just don't want to because it infringes on my "liberties."
  10. I agree. Even lf legalize there is no way the LDS Church will institute plural marriage again.
  11. Opens the door for legal polygamy.
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