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  1. Being accused of being angry and being a bully seems to be in vogue by the true believers here against those who may have criticism.
  2. Last i checked I am still a member of the church. Do try to keep up.
  3. So the fact that many are Gen Z makes this any less of an issue for the church exactly how?
  4. Given the church is sitting on $150 billion I am sure $13.5 million was not an issue to come up with. Never the less I commend the church for this. However @smac97will tell me it is a backhanded compliment that I offer.
  5. Underwhelming. Persecution complex. Any criticism for you is thus even though you claim it not to be. I gave most my life to the church as I have noted many times. And hundreds of thousands of $$. Ultimately the LDS Church can do whatever it wants. I have no say. Guess what, When it comes it its huge wealth neither do you. Good lord. I am pretty consistent on this topic actually. Over the top hyperbole.
  6. I will respond to your post later. I do not have time now. But as I noted it is amazing to me all the roadblocks the true believers throw up to defend the church that they believe is that of Jesus Christ for taking more steps to deploy their massive wealth to relieve human suffering. But where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.
  7. Isn't a significant part of a religion relieving human suffering? It is one of the missions of the church is it not? And the church we are talking about claims to be The Church of Jesus Christ. Based on what I read in scripture Jesus seemed to oppose the accumulation of large amounts of wealth. He was also an advocate of doing things to relieve human suffering and to help the poor. So it seems that advancing a Christian religion would include a significant effort on humanitarian aid work. It certainty could if the leadership wanted to take the church in that direction. I am not sure Buffet has a foundation. I thought he was giving most of his $$ to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. I am not a tax expert on private foundations but I do not think that funds put in the foundation can be used for anything other than a charitable purpose. A trust fund is quite different and separate from a charitable foundation. Whether Buffet has those set up for his children I do not know.
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