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  1. Hardly. An off the cuff remark is all it really was. Helfer was clearly ex'd due to her criticism of Church leaders and Church policy. If you can demonstrate her vulgar remark was common feel free. Otherwise it seems pretty clear. She vocally criticized Church leaders and Church policy and that is why she was ex'd.
  2. Ok. But I am interested in what you think is valid criticism. Not what the handbook says. No I am not an apostate in my heart of hearts. It is self deprecating and is likely a bit of a passive aggressive remark at times. I actually still care of the LDS Church quite a bit and still have many Latter-day Saints in my social circles. I do think bout going back to church at times and there is much I really do miss. But there is also much I don't miss as well.
  3. I have not publicly criticized the LDS church leaders out in the open. I am just an anonymous apostate on an insignificant message board. No at this point I would not welcome excommunication. Tus I don't go out in the wide public work with issues I see that I think are worth the criticism. So again I ask you is it fine for members to criticize LDS church leaders in a public way and if so to what point.
  4. I think one time she did that. Is that worthy of excommunication? Do you think that was the only reason. Or was it the other criticism. And what about Sam Young?
  5. I don't claim to be free from bias. Nobody is. I don't need to provide some documented research for the position. It is clear that now President Oaks had frequently said to criticize church leaders is wrong. So tell me, is it ok then to criticize them for not publishing financial information? It seems to stir up a lot of anger by the true believers here. When and what is ok as far as criticism goes? Natasha Helfer criticized then for their position on masturbation, same sex marriage, gender issues and such and she got the boot. And her SP said it was for her vocal public critic
  6. I did a quick search and found you the quotes. Feel free to spin it anyway you wish.
  7. It just came up quickly. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/1987/02/criticism?lang=eng
  8. Well see Scott I understand the LDS Church and the follow the brethren attitude quite well. I have lived it as much as you in my life. I know the culture and what is taught. And we do have a current member of the FP who said it is never right to criticize the church leaders.
  9. Its not true. See we are trying to help ya all out.😏 But in all seriousness, we really don't know what use money will be if the Church really is building this massive kingdom now do we. And what you describe sure seems contrary to the Jesus of the New Testament. Powerful churches have been accumulating massive amounts of wealth on the backs of their members for a long long time. So nothing really new. I will hand it to the LDS church. Those managing the assets have done a phenomenal job. It has to be one of the most wealthy churches around especially when you add in the real e
  10. Are you implying I don't have anything of substance in my life?
  11. Not angry one bit. You need to stop projecting.
  12. Yep. Thu my frequency of giving FO has been reduced but I till do give periodically.
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