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  1. Unless God tells you in person you are submitting your will to a human who says God is telling them what you should do.
  2. My doctor does not tell me what I have to do and who I have to obey, give my $$to, my time to, what I can take into my body, what I do with my sexual life and on and on in order to get the highest reward God has. If you can't see the difference I can't help you. Stay enslaved.
  3. I am not sure I get tour correlation.
  4. Freedom means you don't have to submit your will to someone who says God it telling me what you should do. And that is the essence of most religions and very much so for the LDS Church.
  5. Yes or no on our/your beliefs. But not on others. And since you agree no one can understand God on this side of the "Veil" whatever that is, then why should we rely on anyone who tries to tell what God is or even if there is a God?
  6. You are not free if you follow what some so called prophet is telling you that God told them.
  7. Well there may be a probability of a "supreme kind of being" whatever that means. But nobody really knows what this "being" is, may want and on and on. It is all just humans trying to figure it out, though a lot seem to think this "being" is talking directly to them and thus we ought to submit to what they say. Sorry. I will pass on that. Spent most my life doing that. I am free now. Come join me.
  8. For 2000 years so many Christians have been thinking Jesus was coming any time now. Heck Paul believed it. Sorry to disappoint. He likely isn't coming back.
  9. Everything he said was correct when looking at it from an LDS perspective. Though at least until about 1835 and even now in the BoM and early D&C-See the preamble to Section 20 in the first 38 verses or so-LDS agrees with most of Orthodox Christianity. So yea Holland is correct as to how we believe in the Godhead now but that does not mean he is ultimately correct. But I think nobody has any clue as to what God is if a God even exists so what do I know?
  10. Just realize it is all a fantastical lie and don't worry about it anymore.
  11. How does the church help victims of abuse in other ways?
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