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4 hours ago, Teancum said:

Nice ad hominem rodheadlee.  But you are certainly wrong.  As an alleged disciple of Christ I would think your church accumulating $180 billion of non operating assets might hurt your sensibilities.  But cognitive dissonance is a tough thing to deal with.  It takes courage.  Try not to cry in your cheerios to much.  If you have anything of substances to offer feel free to do so.

Thanks for cheering me up bro. What the heck was I thinking?

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Excellent story about Samoa. We spent 10 months there over a 22 month period and suffered a tsunami. We thought our boat was totaled but we were blessed by the Lord and there was nothing really wrong with it. We stood it back on her stands and then put it back in the water.

Then when we were helping one of the tribal Chiefs put Windows in his boat my wife suffered a intestinal problem. They told her she was going to die at the hospital. I sent her on the only seat out of there to Hawaii they told her to get off there and get work done but she stayed on the plane to San Pedro. She died on the operating table once. Ultimately she survived and made it back to Samoa.

I loved American Samoan wanted to go back.

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