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Found Out I Did a Good Deed!


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Just learned something today that rather pleased me!  As some of you know, I found my current wife (or she found me) on a LDS-oriented dating website.  This happened a few months before I retired (since I had to move to England to be with my new wife), and around the time I retired, I gave a note to one of my coworkers who also happened to LDS, with the dating site's web address.  He had lost his wife just around the time I got remarried.  I handed him a folded post-it note and said, “I think you might need this.”  Yesterday on Facebook he wrote that later that night when he got home he found, instead of "some wonderful “Words of Wisdom”, from my dear friend, on how to cope with my loss... What I found was ... a website address!!!"

I knew he had gotten remarried since then, what I didn't know was that he had found his new wife on the website whose address I had given him!

Funny thing is, I don't even remember giving him the post-it note.  It was just one of those things that one does on the spur of the moment.  Which perhaps goes to show you that one should do more spur-of-the-moment things.

ETA: Apologies! This should gone into Social Hall, but I got confused. Hopefully the mods will move it to its proper place.

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Booger on The Cowboy Way: Alabama show didn't have much success with online dating.  There are a bunch of weirdos out there, ya know.  For him it took a lady friend to introduce him to another lady friend she knew at her job, who turned out to be a keeper.

For those who don't know the show is great and I recommend at least a look-see.

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