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Why is there NO record of Paul before Nero?

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On 8/4/2019 at 11:27 PM, The Nehor said:

Why would Paul record it? Probably was not pleasant and I doubt Nero and his entourage would feel it worth recording.

I'm not sure it was unpleasant; Paul lived for such events.

Clearly, Nero wasn't as anti-Christian with Paul as Nero was afterward. Otherwise, Paul wouldn't have left the meeting alive.

Nero was probably almost persuaded, as Agrippa was, so the record keepers destroyed the record.

Maybe Paul's defense was more secular- I'm a Roman citizen; it's against the law to have me killed for what I belive

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If the Apostle Paul had testified about the Apostasy and the Restoration...

...by declaring that that Restoration would come about by the means of some gold plates buried in a hill, upon which were written the fullness of the gospel, by a people whose final battle of extermination occurred at that same hill, then modern-day scholars who hold the Priesthood of God, but run a private business, would not have believed him, anymore than they would have believed the Apostle Oliver Cowdery.

It is therefore more appropriate that, rather than seeing Oliver’s views on the topic of Book of Mormon geography as being authoritative, prophetic pronouncements, they should be seen as reflections of, if not the main cause behind, popular nineteenth-century Mormon speculation on Book of Mormon geography.” - Privately owned Book of Mormon Central, Utah County, Utah, KnoWhy #453

Speculating is the latest popular claim to disregard Church Leaders, pastor or current, to adopt the teachings of men, but it’s as old the hills, older than Paul (Helaman 16:16). Nero and King Agrippa likely agreed.

Thus, even if there were a written Roman record of Paul, it wouldn’t be believed anymore than this one:


..especially on this website.

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