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Advice On Buying Scriptures?


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in the past Deseret Book were more expensive than the Distribution Center, IIRC, though it may have changed its pricing policy on it. I worked for a for profit church bookstore and our scriptures were much more expensive than the Distribution Center. Made me feel bad when people came in looking for them, wanted to tell them to pick out the kind they wanted and then go order them online and then bring them in for embossing for the name, it was still cheaper than buying them from the store. The store didn't make a huge profit, the scriptures took up a lot of space and had to have customs and taxes paid for them which the Church didn't have to do, I believe, but there is something off in making money off of scriptures....at least that is my gut feeling.

For convenience, if your kids don't want to carry a bag, a quad is great. If you want to emphasize ease for study though, having a Bible and a Triple works better because you can have them both open at once and refer back and forth if needed. There are inexpensive bags that can fit manuals, marking pencils in them as well. Protects the scriptures at the same time as making them more portable.



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