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Are There Any Lds Ham Nets?


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I just got my radio working the other day. I was wondering if there are any LDS ham nets.



There is a an LDS sponsored Ham Net in southern Californis. It is par to the SoCal emergency prparedness network. Somebody at Church headquarters should be able to get you in contact with them. I am pretty sure they have a repeater on top of Mt Wilson. My brother was a member but he has since passed away.

Just found this . It should get you there.


Larry P

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Of course!

Check the Mercury Amateur Radio Association's website. This organization used to be an official church organization until the church disconnected it to become independent, as it were.

Because Washington state (especially the western half) is prone to earthquakes and volcanoes (we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake -- the last one was in 1700 and it pops every 300 - 500 years or so), the church in our area maintains a somewhat low-key effort to keep up an emergency communications network using Ham radio. In my stake I am one of two emergency communications specialists, and in each ward there is a ward specialist. We have approximately a hundred Ham radio operators in the stake and we conduct ward and stake nets every Sunday (of course not all of them participate each week). We call it Emergency Response Communications (ERC). This is for the Olympia Washington stake. Our neighbor stake, the Lacey Washington stake does so as well, as do several other stakes in the area. Our bishops storehouses also have Ham radio stations. In our annual emergency communications exercise (in September) our wards go through the exercise by making contact with as many families as possible, and then use VHF (2 meter band) to report the results to our stake communications center. Once we at the stake get all the data we report it to the Kent, WA bishops storehouse via HF -- who presumably would report to SLC in turn.

Our local chapter of the Mercury association holds a VHF net on the same night as our ERC net. As for HF nets, if you have a General license you can participate in these:

  • Mercury Northwest Regional Net - Monday nights at 8:30 PM PDT on 3.965 MHz SSB.
  • Bishops Storehouse Net - Saturday morning at 8:00 AM PDT on 3.937 MHz SSB (this one is an official church net, I believe)
  • Mercury Northwest Roundtable - Saturday morning at 8:20 AM on 3.937 MHz SSB

Of course the Mercury net is local to the Pacific NW, and the bishops storehouse net might be regional in that sense as well. I don't have an HF rig and I've never been on them.

There are undoubtedly others.

Mike Clark


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