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Happy Lughnassadh

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Lughnassadh is the beginning of the harvest season in the ancient Irish calendar. Legend has it that Lugh established it to honor his foster mother, Tailtiu.

Lugh was the solar hero who slew the Fomorian Cheiftain, Balor. In Irish mythology, the Fomorii represent the forces of primal chaos, similar to the python that Apollo slew or to Tiamat.

Lugh lives on in those who stand against tyranny, especially when everyone else is too afraid. Captain Moroni, William Wallace, George Washington, Porter Rockwell, and the young Mormon boys whose deeds are recounted in the book Three Against Hitler have all filled this role.

So, today, as you celebrate the first-fruits of your harvest, remember those who have stood against evil.

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In my world mythology class last semester in college we read an awesome book that had a very comprehensive collection of Celtic myths. Though the scholarship behind it was very outdated, the myths were fantasic (and it had great illustrations as well).

I've grown to love Lugh and Cuchulain and the Sidh.

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Just watched The Secret of Kells last night (it's a full length movie on youtube...I'm thinking there may be copyright issues?). We will be buying it today or tomorrow for a birthday present for a family member. Lovely work and got me into wandering around and looking at various celtic knot artwork which I have an obsession about again.

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And on a totally-unrelated note, my name, Kenneth, is of Celtic origin and it means handsome. (If you saw a picture, you'd know my Mom has me pegged! :D) Sorry for the irrelevant diversion; carry on!

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