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  1. It's worked well for us too, even though most members attend in-person so only a few view remotely now. We had a problem with broadcasting from the chapel because the sound quality wasn't very good from the laptop microphone. We plugged in a USB microphone and set it next to the podium microphone which fixed that. We do have to turn on the Original Sound option during the music otherwise it sounds choppy. But the video and audio quality of our meetings is impressive with just a laptop, cheap camera and USB microphone. We did get fancy at one point and added a second camera at the back of the chapel when only 50 people were allowed per meeting, but we only use the camera in the front now. I know there was concern that members wouldn't return to church as long as the remote viewing option was available, but we haven't seen that. We only send the link to people who request it now, but it allows members who are ill, out of town, or called in to work to view the meeting. Fulltime missionaries assigned to speak often send the link to their parents. Grandparents living across the country can watch the Primary program or hear grandchildren give talks. So I think it's been positive so I hope we can continue to broadcast, especially since it takes so little effort to set up.
  2. There are advantages to using the paid Zoom Webinar account (not to be confused with regular Zoom) for Sacrament meetings. Webinars don't allow participants to use their microphones or cameras unless you explicitly allow them. So you don't have to worry about telling people to turn off their microphones or to put some pants on. One big advantage is after the Zoom broadcast ends you can sign into your account and see the list of everyone who logged in for the meeting along with their email address and how long they were connected. Those numbers can be used to calculate Sacrament meeting attendance. Last Dec the church offered wards a Zoom Webinar account that allowed 2 simultaneous meetings with the option to set up breakout rooms so you could actually have multiple classes using the same link. Not sure if every ward was given the option. But it saved the wards the $40/month a Zoom Webinar account cost at the time. I wonder how much the church has spent on Zoom licenses so far. I'm sure they got a good deal.
  3. It was much safer than when I didn't realize CB mistyped LGBT when he typed LPSG in an earlier post so I googled it. Now I know there's such a thing as the Large P* Support Group and I've been trying to to get that out of my search history since.
  4. I had no problem finding many examples of the expression in a simple internet search so it's not uncommon, but since it's meant to be used sarcastically towards mostly religious people (which includes me), I won't use it again. Back to your comment that sex is the least important part of your relationship - isn't that the part that results in excommunication (or the new, kinder name for it)? I haven't heard of action taken towards gays in the church until that line is crossed. At least not recently. Possibly exceptions are made if a man is married and carries on a non-sexual, but otherwise intimate relationship (maybe there's a better word out there) with another man. I know a man who was excommunicated for carrying on a non-sexual relationship with a woman that wasn't his wife. My understanding is that sex isn't the only reason homosexuality is considered wrong in the eyes of God, even though the church has begun to use "homosexual behavior" which leaves open many differing interpretations. But would it make a difference if the church did clarify that holding hands, maybe even kissing, between same sex couples wouldn't be grounds for discipline? Here's what prompted the thought. I attended a baptism of a man who was living with his member girlfriend in the same house, but different bedrooms. They were in their 40's and had no plans to marry or have children. They claimed they kept the law of chastity. But they held hands at church and even kissed in public. It wasn't a rogue missionary that performed the baptism, it was the mission president. I know you aren't interested in being a member of the church, but I'm curious if you think it would be enough for believing gays to feel welcome if they didn't have to worry that any action would be taken if they were in a similar situation as the couple I described. Or does it have to be all or nothing?
  5. Apology accepted! Sorry there was a misunderstanding.
  6. FYI, it's an expression used by gays and supporters in other online forums to mock those who oppose homosexuality. I thought CB would recognize the references since he's a gay dude and seems cool and hip. I hesitated to post this because I didn't want to diminish your rush to judgement and epic rant against members of the church you dislike. I have no hatred towards anyone, gay or straight, believer or nonbeliever. It's a great way to live.
  7. Thanks for clarifying and sorry for the flippant comment in a lame attempt to be edgy. I don't know what non-sexual behavior is acceptable to God for same sex couples. No one knows exactly what exaltation looks like but still hold out hope that it's worth it.
  8. Thank you very much for sharing! I really appreciate it.
  9. Since you were once a member, you already know the reasons why we strive for the Celestial Kingdom. If that's not enough, I'm not sure what I can add. It's comforting to know a loving Heavenly Father wants all of us to be in the Celestial Kingdom, no matter who we are or even what sins we've committed in the past. That's reason enough. But He does ask we keep his commandments, even those that we feel aren't fair or go against what we believe is our natural behavior. It's not easy, but what distinguishes true followers is they believe ANY sacrifice is worth it for exaltation. I'm not asking you to give up the person you love the most. Through His prophets, God has issued commandments against having intimate connections with another man (I'm assuming you are referring to icky gay sex stuff there). I'm doubtful we'll be able to stand before the judgement seat and convince God that He asked too much of us in return for exaltation. So the question really goes back to you: are you willing to make every sacrifice necessary for exaltation? It's the same question we all have to ask ourselves, often over and over again as we go throughout life. Fortunately, many have testified they have received reassurances from the Holy Ghost that it is worth it so hopefully that can give hope to others.
  10. Great, glad we found some common ground I've seen lots of evidence around here to refute the first statement, but no matter. But when EVERY prophet says so it makes it difficult for believers to ignore. I didn't think you were a member or a believer so I wouldn't expect it to fly for you. Since I rarely post anything, I've exhausted my quota of posts for the next few months so I'm out. I thought it would be interesting to discuss the LGBT policy for believing members, but that isn't the direction this thread has gone.
  11. Nope, it's not up to me to decide what you have to do to go to the Celestial Kingdom. I'm actually not a heartless troll - I do feel great compassion for you. I'm sure most who believe in God and trust in his prophets are struggling to understand where homosexuality fits in the plan of salvation. It's made even more difficult when every prophet that has discussed homosexual behavior has condemned it. There are no instances in the scriptures of anyone breaking this commandment being counted as righteous. If these really are the last days, it's difficult to imagine that God would wait until now to declare it no longer a sin. As also stated by others, I don't see a path forward for homosexual behavior to be removed as a serious sin. But it's not my decision.
  12. Crap, I looked up LPSG so I could understand what you meant. I guess my attitude towards them is, envy?
  13. I wasn't sure if you were exaggerating or if you were just looking for a reason to insult the south. Disparaging the south is a serious offense where I live.
  14. But you can't provide a path to eternal life so I think the church wins this one.
  15. Ok, so you mean in your ward. I'm in the south too, but I don't see any havoc being wreaked around me.
  16. You have a good point. It's hard to feel welcome in the church when you want to openly rebel against the commandments of God. But for those who are striving to keep the commandments, it seems to work, at least for many people.
  17. I haven't read stories of anyone wanting to come unto Christ by repenting, being baptized, taking upon themselves the name of Christ, and keeping the commandments being turned away. If they exist, they are owed an apology and request for forgiveness. And since you are Canadian, I think you mean Popcorn Chicken Poutine
  18. Sorry you've been made to feel unwelcome at church. Hopefully that will change. If "ceaseless political/anti-lgbt pulpit messaging" is occurring at church, it should stop.
  19. Not sure I understand. The LDS church welcomes all to come unto Christ by repenting, being baptized, taking upon themselves the name of Christ, and keeping the commandments. That includes gays. A few years ago there were some members that made a big deal of how welcoming they were of gays in the church, even offering to sit by them in meetings. But I think most of the activist types have now left the church. So now it's up to everyone else to behave. The LGBTQ community could learn a lot from the LDS church about being inclusive. I can't join their community since my sexual orientation doesn't start with the correct letter. It's not even enough to be a deeply closeted gay man (RIP Norm McDonald). The most I can become is an advocate. That's very similar to the treatment of blacks under the priesthood ban, isn't it?
  20. I have seen that. I'd like to see more representation from active, gay members on forums such as this. I thought there were a few, but maybe they have moved on.
  21. Yeah, I'm not interested in anyone showcasing their poster gay/straight marriage. That's not what I wish for. I do wish to hear more from those in the church that can refute your claims that they can't be LGBTQ and happy in the church. That's all I'm wishing for. If we only listened to the complainers and disaffected participants, we wouldn't have the inspirational, faith promoting stories from church history that came out of Zion's Camp, the Martin/Willey Handcart Company, and the Mountain Meadow Mass... wait, scratch that last one. I just want to hear all perspectives.
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