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  1. I think you make a good point. This place was much more entertaining back when evangelicals would stop in to confidently tell believers what the church really believes. It's much sadder when you are defending the church against former believers, especially those that have also abandoned their belief in God and faith in Jesus Christ. Those are two things most believers hold on to even when they don't fully understand and can't explain all the issues in church history, doctrines, scriptures, etc. I realize they aren't looking for sympathy, but it's still sad to see anyone abandon something so fundamental to your own happiness in life. It's just not as fun to spar with them about important gospel topics.
  2. Well, there is an entire section of the missionary handbook devoted to staying together with your companion. Mission presidents can send missionaries home for breaking any mission rules, including this one. It becomes much more serious if you deliberately leave your companion alone and he commits serious crimes/sins. I'm sure mission presidents will be using this example to reinforce the importance of companions staying together.
  3. The mission president mentioned it at a stake leadership meeting within the past few years (he's going home soon). I didn't check to make sure it's in the handbook for mission presidents, but he was clear that he also sends home the negligent companions of missionaries that commit serious offenses if they didn't obey the rule to be together always. But if no one else has heard of this, then maybe it's a rule only in this mission.
  4. Unless the rules have changed, the companion will be sent home too. It was his responsibility to keep an eye on his companion. I'm glad the girl was brave enough to report it to the police, especially since she admitted there was consensual activity too. It's a sad story.
  5. Nice. I hope David still holds on to his faith and trust in God and Jesus Christ. I respect the gay exmos that still believe in God even though they no longer have testimonies of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I can understand why they would be bitter towards God and not just the LDS church. Maybe they can help convince the straight exmos that are atheist or agnostic to reconsider their disbelief.
  6. I'm not comfortable declaring interpretations by prophets wrong when they agree with every prophet before him, especially when they concern conditions for worthiness. It's easier to ignore statements made by apostles that were never validated by the current prophet or were made before their calling. But I can still acknowledge that prophets can be wrong about things. Trusting that prophets are revealing the will of God has always been a challenge for believers.
  7. Prophets and apostles have the unique responsibility to let us know the commandments God expects us to follow. But I agree how they counsel us is important too. Fortunately for David, he's under no obligation to keep any commandments that come from Teddy.
  8. Sure, but apparently that was a commandment to the prophet of the church to withhold the priesthood. Black members weren't breaking any commandments that kept them from receiving the priesthood. I don't think it's a good comparison.
  9. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm entertained by both of you. As long as you promise to be friends afterwards.
  10. Don't you think that is already happening? The majority of men and women have changed their minds, it's God that still hasn't changed His commandments through His prophets. Maybe that day will eventually come, but I think it's unlikely.
  11. Thanks for your thoughts. I wonder if this apostle could have said anything to David that would have convinced him to stay in the church. It's probably difficult for him to believe that there's no place for someone like David in the church, as is often claimed. It'll be interesting to see how these conversations play out in the upcoming years since more young people are identifying as LGBT.
  12. I hate to interrupt the slap fight between Nehor and SMAC, but I'm curious what counsel you would offer David if you were a leader in the church with the responsibility to encourage members to increase faith in Jesus Christ, repent, keep the commandments, and honor covenants made at baptism and in the temple. I'm not looking to debate, just listen. I've heard what the non-believers and nuanced members think, but I'm interested in your thoughts as someone who sustains the prophet and apostles and believes in the restored gospel (correct me if I'm wrong, people change quickly around here). I don't know of any scriptures or past statements from prophets that approve of same sex behaviors or relationships that can be used to give him any hope that God will someday change His mind. I agree that kindness and compassion should always be shown, but I'm not sure what more can be said to LGBT members wishing to be obedient to the commandments than to either be single for the rest of their lives or enter into a heterosexual marriage. I know a few people that are determined to stay in the church in spite of the odds against them.
  13. Should the church allow polygamy in cases of conjoined twins? Abby and Brittany Hensel have been in the news lately with the report Abby got married a few years ago. I don't know if Brittany is interested, but it seems this may be a case where polygamy should be permitted if desired. But it seems for many today that polygamy is distasteful only when religion is involved, so maybe our laws will change eventually since currently they can't both be married to the same husband.
  14. My bad, I didn't realize who I was replying to. I went back and read your earlier post so I know where you are coming from. My purpose was to explain that one way I dealt with the loneliness and misery of being single was to not take offense at comments from others, even those that weren't intended to be malicious. I realize that doesn't work for everyone. But it even helps me today to not take offense at your cynical and sarcastic comments directed towards me. You clearly have found a way to deal with it all that works for you. Good luck!
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