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  1. Sure, so this book isn't for them. I'm trying to figure out if it's really helpful for someone still in a faith crisis who wants to stay in the church. That's the audience the author is trying to reach.
  2. I didn't intend to sound like I was referring to you with my comment. I edited my post to clarify that I meant "still" feeling pain about the temple when accepting a call as Bishop which wouldn't include you. I'm sure you would do great as a Bishop. And yes, I'm aware that you are female.
  3. Sure, I was basing my comment on my own experiences. But I would hope someone wouldn't accept the call as a Bishop if their experiences in the temple were still painful since getting people to the temple is one of the most important responsibilities of a Bishop. Maybe that's an unfair assumption.
  4. I read the first chapter and his comments on BCC. Wouldn't a book on successfully overcoming a faith crisis and restoring your faith and testimony be a more useful book for someone going through a faith crisis? If you are going through a faith crisis, aren't you hoping it will be temporary and not continue on for over 25 years? It may be an interesting book for believers and nonbelievers who are curious about his life (I don't blame him for using his family name to promote the book), but it sounds depressing for anyone currently struggling with a faith crisis. And it you are having a faith crisis, why turn in your temple recommend? Isn't the temple one of the best places to spend your time rebuilding your trust and faith in God?
  5. I didn't realize they were members until the reports came out this week about the capture of the man suspected of committing the murder. I had glanced at the headlines when the story broke last year, but became more curious today after seeing the photos of Jared and his second wife. What's it called when you sense someone is a member? Kinda like "gaydar" but for members? Anyway, as I scrolled down the page I saw that they were indeed LDS. Most of the comments in the 4-5 websites I saw about the story believe the first wife Shanna was involved in Jared's murder. So that's really where the church comes in because it was a point of contention during their marriage. Jared remained a devout member while Shanna drifted away. Shanna's parents are described as "prominent fixtures" in the church. We'll see how it plays out. Hopefully she wasn't involved, but the police have said she continues to be a suspect.
  6. This story is all over my newsfeeds today. Police announced an arrest in the murder of Jared Bridegan, a member of the church killed last year under suspicious circumstances. The police believe his murder was part of a planned attack. The suspect the police arrested lived in a rental property owned by the current husband of Jared's ex-wife. The ex-wife's parents founded Stampin' Up! and are also members of the church in Utah. It's a tragic story with four children without a father and his new wife a widow. It's taken almost a year to make an arrest and the police aren't releasing many details. There is a lot of speculation about the ex-wife's possible involvement, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Not long after they were married in the SLC Temple, she apparently left the church and had an affair with her personal trainer which led to their divorce. https://www.jacksonville.com/story/news/crime/2023/01/25/jared-bridegan-killing-arrest-jacksonville-beach-florida/69837915007/
  7. Thanks, the story is becoming less compelling the more I learn about her and her Tiktok channel. It may become more interesting if any of her past leaders come forward to admit or dispute her accusations. The news story was deceptive in making you think she is still a member instead of mentioning she left the church years ago.
  8. Thanks, I was hoping to avoid going there, but I was curious. A quick google search found Dehlin's exmo reddit post about it: "A first: One of our interviews is getting national coverage - Channel Achenbach on being black and Mormon" with a link to the Newsweek article. Anyone read the comments in the Newsweek article? Just curious if it's the real Daniel C Peterson that commented there.
  9. Hold up - that definitely wasn't the argument I was making so you must have gotten that idea elsewhere! I just thought it was funny they were clueless about wearing the Confederate flag. But times have changed a lot since then and I doubt you would find anyone doing that in high school today. I was also making fun of the educational system when I was in high school - my 11th grade American History teacher did claim that since the South was tricked into surrendering, the South was never defeated and the war still hasn't ended. Crazy stuff. I don't think that is being taught anymore.
  10. To be fair, he had moved in only a few years before from a predominately white western state. And, yes, everyone knew he drew it since he wasn't alone in the room. Since I live in a southern state, the schools may teach a very different version of history about the Confederate flag than you learned. I went to high school with black kids who wore shirts and hats with Confederate flags on them, who also had bumper stickers on their cars with the same flag. What were you saying about our education system?
  11. The news story doesn't give any indication that she is past her childbearing years, or reveal when the discussions took place, and contains no photos. But it sounded like her discussions with her leaders were recent which gave the impression she wasn't too old to have kids. She quotes her leaders saying: "You are older, you have served the mission, you are a great candidate for marriage but you need to find a Black man." She then claims they explain to her that her seed will be cursed if she marries a white man. Apparently Calm and BlueDreams found a photo of her on the podcast page where she appears to be an older woman, possibly past her childbearing years. It was newsworthy to me since it was published by a legit news organization so I assumed they did some fact checking before publishing it.
  12. Sure, people say dumb stuff all the time, often without thinking it all the way through. I'm not a big fan of shaming though. It works great in politics where the goal seems to be to humiliate and destroy your opponent (not a fan of that either). But there doesn't seem to be much regard for any damage caused. Years ago a white activist member spotted a white young man drawing of a Confederate flag on a chalkboard in church. She reported to the bishop and stake president (both white) that racism and white supremacy were a big problem in the ward. The next week a statement condemning racism was read to all the wards in Sacrament meeting. No one bothered to talk to the young man before humiliating him. Once I found out, I did talk to him and found out that he had seen a picture of the flag earlier that day, thought it looked cool so he drew it on the chalkboard. It was clear he had no clue that the flag was offensive to some. He said he had never seen it before that day. I don't know if racism is alive and well in church membership. It would be awkward in my current ward and stake if you wanted a temple recommend since you could be interviewed by our black Bishop and our black Stake President.
  13. Do you see anything in the news story that wouldn't make you think this happened fairly recently? Everyone discussing the story on another website seemed to think it was recent. She is demanding the church apologizes to her. She says her second demand to the church is: "You are gonna have to say 'hey, we are human, we got it wrong, we messed up, we have no problems with interracial marriage, we have no problem with Black people." Her story is much more likely to be true if it happened 40 - 50 years ago. If so, that would have been an important detail to include in the story. I hope she isn't being taken advantage of by unethical people hoping to use her story to attack the church. I guess we'll see as more of her story comes out.
  14. Thanks, I only read the news story and didn't bother to check the podcast page. I'll wait for someone else to listen to all 456 minutes and report back.
  15. I think it's ok for everyone to stop using the term apostate to describe those who leave the church. I did a search of General Conference talks and found it's rarely used at all anymore there. It shows up in a few relatively recent talks, but it refers to apostates in the scriptures that fit the handbook definition. I realize it has been used in the past, but words sometimes change meaning over time. A hundred years ago you wouldn't get a reaction at church if you declared you were a gay Mormon. Today everyone would cringe at you calling yourself a Mormon. Yes, that's not an original joke
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