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LDS/Non-LDS relationships and Marriages


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Don’t know what difference being from the mainland has as haven’t read anything on that, mixed faith marriages with LDS tended to have high divorce rates. Haven’t seen stats lately.  

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4 minutes ago, Calm said:

Don’t know what difference being from the mainland has as haven’t read anything on that, mixed faith marriages with LDS tended to have high divorce rates. 

First GF was LDS from Japan, was too young for it to work out.  Mom went to BYUH, seems like with the locals vs what i've seen here it's different.  Just my opinion.  Is the divorce rate as bad as the national average? 

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Iirc, it was worse with mixed faith while much better with a Temple marriage. Without a Temple marriage, but both believers I can’t remember. I will try and find something, but might it get to it for tonight. 

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1 hour ago, poptart said:

How often do they work out?  Does it matter if the LDS spouse is from the mainland or not?  Figured this would be a good place to ask.  Thanks!

Famed LAPD Chief Daryl Gates was LDS, or at least raised as such.  His mother was LDS, and his father Catholic.  His father was also a notorious drunk.  On one occasion, his father was running from the LAPD, and chased him right through his own house.  Young Daryl punched one of the LAPD officers and got arrested.  They were going to charge him with assault on an officer, but Daryl's older brother played on an LAPD sponsored team and his LAPD coach convinced the officer to let it go.  Still, Daryl hated LAPD.  He was studying at USC, fell in love, got married, and soon a kid was on the way.  No money, and had to drop out of school.  LAPD was hiring, and it was the only thing Daryl could find to pay the bills, so he signed up.  Next thing you know, Daryl was the driver for famed Chief Parker, moved up the ranks, and became chief himself.  The rest is history.  At least in that case, a mixed marriage produced a solid citizen.

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Article on stats, bit old so may have changed. Both parents being RMs which is more common now would likely strengthen marriages, easy access to internet may have increased disaffection which may lead to mixed faith, so weakening marriages. Then there is the raising of ages of first marriages even among LDS and same for first child, which means less kids.  So needs update...


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On 10/21/2020 at 5:21 AM, Calm said:

This is interesting, thanks.

On 10/21/2020 at 5:31 AM, Calm said:

I'll share this, not sure how it is now but back when if your parents divorced, most of your old friends would distance themselves from you.  I was marginally religious growing up, biggest thing I noticed when I came to the lower 48s as a child was people here were very different, as in backstabby.  Not saying people are like that in other states but compared to here, yeah big difference, it's cultural I think.  As I got older, I would marvel at other people who's parents were Baptist, etc.  Ohh boy one of em blamed his racist parents for everything, was in a biker gang, sold cocaine then blamed his divorce on religion and society.  Meanwhile, he'd judge my friends other friends and make the ocasional racist joke against Asians and natives, saw that a lot.  My Catholic friends really got the shaft, once their parents split they were judged by the whole parish.  Parents judged him because of what his parents did so yeah, he was cut off.  I think this is a big reason why so many mainline denominations and some Catholic Parishes made the more liberal push, besides not being nice to judge, not the fault of people like me that we were screwed over because of things done when we were children.  Considering how nasty and violent people have been towards conservative religious people, esp. over the summer, think that's paid off a lot.  Know some clergy back in WA, they're one of the biggest providers of meals to the homeless, work with the local nations a lot and I think one of em is on a Mission on one of the nations out east, Montana is my  guess.

Anyway, yeah divorce sucks one way or another, the children suffer the most.  People like to blame women for it all but from what i've seen of men here, they're no better.  I look at what people here have to put up with and I'll admit, I think it sucks and would never opt into any of it hence how I live.  From what I've seen of the LDS though, they do a lot for their divorced members.  One entitled wife beating piece of garbage I knew, the only kid of his who turned out good was from his first wife who was LDS.  Sure all of you have seen this, faked conversion then when it was opportune bailed.  Said kid from that union is an LDS bishop who won't speak to his father.  Rest of this guys kids are all druggies, a few of em about to die because of drugs.  Of course he blames the LDS church, calls his son the bigot, it's everyone elses fault but his, etc.  Oh, also they're blowing what inheritance he has/had.  I'm siding with the LDS church on this one, if it wasn't for them sticking up and probably stepping in where no one else would that kid would have probably turned out like the rest.  I know Deseret Industries see's a ton of charity cases like that.  While a lot of the LDS faithful i've met were kinda lousy people, the LDS church itself is spectacular.

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