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Were Those Members Who Opposed The 2015 Policy Right To Do So?

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2 hours ago, Gray said:

President Nelson got married to his current wife in 2006. Due to their ages they are sterile, as in cannot reproduce. Is there a specific criticism you wish to lay at their feet?

This is one of the more stupid proposals used when talking about gay couples and heterosexual couples. The infantile logic being used is laughable. A heterosexual couple that is sterile indicates their sexual organs are not functioning for the purpose of creation. Now, read this slowly so that it understandable. A gay couple has no ability to reproduce; their sexual organs are at odds, they are in conflict with one another and in no circumstance can they reproduce. They are sterile, not because of a dysfunction due to age or other issues, but because the procreative act is beyond the capability of chosen use. 

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This thread has gone downhill. Mods are listening to General Conference and eating waffles with our families. Please don't make us ban people until Monday.


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