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  1. Would you mind expanding on what you didn't like and why you think they are tightly scripted?
  2. The problem isn't that we LDS have no issue with science, the problem is that those who wish to teach religious views of creation in the schools, are not going to stop at simply advocating for a generic form of Christianity. I doubt the Mormon teachings on creation would fare very well in a course on creationism taught in Arkansas. It isn't just a secular view of the origins of the universe that would be attacked. This debate should worry us.
  3. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I believe such a topic would be better suited in a history or a philosophy class and it would probably not be appropriate for high school for several reasons, not the least of which is the potential for it to be abused as a reason to promote fundamental Christianity.
  4. Can you provide a definition that does not involve some sort of deus ex machina explanation?
  5. Such a teacher would recognize that creationism is just religion masquerading as science.
  6. The problem with this is what would/does happen in practice. In a culture dominated by a particular religion, teaching creationism cannot avoid enforcing that religious view. Your analogy doesn't really hold up since the Greek and Roman culture and religions are not part of current cultural practices and beliefs. It is sort of the same problem that the South faced when trying to implement "separate but equal" racial practices. It just does not work.
  7. The connection within the church between authority and authoritarian is clearly seen in its peculiar definition of apostacy being:
  8. You make it halfway through his posts before your brain starts to hurt? I admire your doggedness.
  9. So you wouldn't be offended by someone labeling the talk as gullible guidance?
  10. There is still a lot of unknown going on with the vaccination and whether or not a vaccinated person can spread the disease or not. Also vaccinated people can be less vigilant as far as mask wearing and social distancing. Mask wearing is very hard on my wife who has a number of very serious health problems but still wants to attend meetings. If a vaccinated person wanted to attend a mixed group I see no reason why they couldn't. But, right now I would like to see the church encourage as many people as it can to get vaccinated. Offering a vaccinated only meeting might help in that regard. The n
  11. I think there would be some issues but I do not see why proof of vaccinations would be required. It would seem a bit contradictory for a person to attend sacrament meeting by lying about his vaccination status. Nothing is totally secure but I would expect that to be a very rare occurrence.
  12. We are having sacrament meeting only which is conducted with covid protocols like yours but when the meeting terminates people congregate together like they did before. I wish they would offer a option for live meetings for vaccinated only also.
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