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  1. Nehor, Do you have a location of the neighboring stake where all the activity is taking place? Asking for a friend.
  2. If God can choose whether or not to create us, then, in His case, fore-knowledge and predestination are indistinguishable.
  3. Do you believe that everyone here is either a fully believing member or has concluded that the church is untrue?
  4. All that is true but I think rather than excuse Peterson's behavior it is an indictment of past leadership in general, who allowed/encouraged such thinking. It may be easier to blame an outlier than it is to condemn the entire group in this regard.
  5. Maybe the problem is teaching members to not question leadership regardless of what they say or do. Perhaps if leadership got more pushback from members about issues, they might actually question whether or not what they are saying is from God or their own cultural bias.
  6. Any android I meet would know more about the subject than I do, so I would ask it to tell me what they know about God.
  7. How do you know that one isn't being used already? Once this AI get more exposure, I see people using it to generate responses to online posts from real human beings. Maybe they already are. The ease with which one can generate a cogent response from this kind of program is scary. I would assume one could set it up to respond automatically to anything. There is actually a program one can put on their phone which will answer spam/scam phone calls and pretend to be a real person with the only goal being to keep the scammer/spammer on the line as long as possible.
  8. I agree, but to pretend that decisions made at 8 are binding on an adult is silly. Calling a young adult an apostate simply because he/she decides they do not believe in the religion into which they were born, is silly.
  9. Would you ask the same child to commit to which college he/she was going to attend? Or which profession he/she was going to pursue. Why not ask them to commit to which spouse is best for them? 8 years old is too young to even vaguely understand what a baptismal covenant entails. All we are doing at that age is conditioning them.
  10. We have a recently converted family in our ward who were inactive Catholics, do we call them apostates or converts? When we agree with a person's decision regarding religion we call it conversion, when we disagree with it, we call it apostacy.
  11. 200 trillion would be awesome! Just think how many great and spacious buildings we could build!
  12. He is in his 's mid 30's with 2 of his own kids, one of which looks to have a lot of the same qualities he had as a child and he is every bit as frustrated with him as I was with him. He is a good father but struggles with making enough money to support his family, a consequence of not really paying attention in school. Bottom line is he is fairly happy, and we have a decent relationship. Though we have to stay away from political discussions.
  13. I have a grandson for whom this simply does not work.. Having raised five of my own I know this is not unusual, it might not be normal, but it is not unusual. How do you suggest dealing with a teenager who simply will not change his/her behavior based on consequence-based parenting. On Edit. I had one of my own like this. I got more phone calls from teachers, coaches, ward leaders and others on him than all the others combined. I got to the point where I would ask the person calling: "I have the same problem with him at home, how would you suggest I control him here?" Most responses were along the lines of setting boundaries and enforcing them. I would reply by asking them if they were trying that with him in their school room or church class and how that was working out for them there, because it sure wasn't working for me.
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