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  1. I know about the previous statement which would have covered temple attendance also. Now a special announcement just for temples? So again, why mention just temple attendance here and not reemphasiz all meetings? I applaud the announcement today but I wish they would be this direct about all meetings. "Wear a mask or stay home".
  2. If it make temple attendance safer, then wouldn't it also make attendance at ward and stake meetings safer also?
  3. I am not sure if the OP title actually was the intended question or theme for this thread but here's my .02 anyways. I have two sons who served foreign language missions, who went through the MTC and who have also gone on to be linguists in the military. They both experienced language training through the church and the military and both have commented how much more intensive and difficult the military instructions was compared to the MTC. This makes sense because the focus in the MTC is more on speaking than reading, while for the military both are emphasized. In my experience the church program has a variety of results. I remember feeling comfortable in my new language (Spanish) after about 6 months but had companions who never seems to quite get it. Most missionaries I encountered on my mission got to a point where they were proficient in speaking their new language, but not all. The military on the other hand does extensive testing for candidates eligible for their language program and even they have a significant dropout or failure rate. So in answer to the OP, I would say that LDS youth are no more or less capable than others when it comes to learning a language.
  4. What would be really cool is if God had the foresight to arrange it so his current mouthpiece on earth just happened to be a doctor who could provide divine and informed medical advice simultaneously to His children.
  5. Whose free will takes precedence? Do vaccinated people have the right to go to public spaces where everyone is vaccinated or do unvaccinted people have the right to go wherever they want.? As a society we mutually agree to limit free will in many areas for the greater good of the community. Does society have the right to restrict the movements of people with potentially contgious diseases? Just because I think mumps are no big deal should I be able to send my children to school unvaccinated? Should vaccinated people be compeled to sit next to unvaccinated people in a restaurant? You seem to think compulsion only applies to unvaccinated. That is simply not true. And by the way, we must have different definitions for "efficacious". The numbers comparrison for severity of illness and death for the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated are staggering. It like saying seatbelts are "insufficiently efficacious" because people still get injured and die when they wear them.
  6. You do realize that it is researchers and scientist themselves that keep questioning the data that has helped improve what we know about this disease? It isn't questioning the data that is a problem.
  7. I am convinced that income earned on tithing is not tithing. Therefore I will tell my bishop I intend to pay my tithing completely when I die. I will just keep track of what I owe in tithing using an accounting program and have those funds sent to the church upon my death. Meanwhile I will keep the profits from my tithing account for myself since it isn't tithing.
  8. Then obviously we agree. That is my subjective analysis of the words you are using.
  9. We use a lot of words and catch phrases within Mormonism to impress that have little meaning or are incredibly vague. Eternal, families are forever, marriage, priesthood power, sealing power, pre-existence etc.
  10. This is the kind of talk that I think will leave the church standing alone without many of their youth.
  11. We need to see more of this from the private sector. Delta will hike insurance premiums and limit sick pay for unvaccinated employees. Good for Delta.
  12. Interesting. I wonder how that would impact those, like Dr Wayment, who speak in Church sponsered events (like firesides) and locations (wardhouses) about those same books? Are they also going to be prohibited from that? Seems a lot like censorship.
  13. My DIL is an ER nurse in the Augusta Ga. area. She has a 30 min dive to and from work and will frequently call me on her way home at night just to talk. The last few weeks she has been quite emotional when she calls me because the situation in her hospital is so bad. She is on the verge of quiting because she is unable to give people the level of care they need. When she arrives to work there will be dozens and dozens of people in the ER waiting room, many of them have been there for hours, most of them there due to Covid. When she leaves there is just as many people as when she arrived which have been waiting just as long or longer. They do not have enough beds for the really sick so some of them are being put in wheelchairs which are supposed to have oxygen tanks, tanks they cannot refill fast enough due to demand and lack of personnel. She sees people bring in children as young as four weeks just to get tested for Covid who sit in that waiting room full of other Covid patients. ("If they didn't have it before they came, they do now". Don't people realize how easy it is to get tested elsewhere?") Most Covid patients are unvaccinated and are pleading for the vaccine. ("How can people be so stupid about how the vaccine works? If you already have Covid it is too late to get the vaccine!") She gets yelled at by some of the sick to administer Ivermectin to them, another erronous belief common in her area. ("They were hesitant to get the vaccine but want Ivermectin, sheesh!!!") One of her Covid patients was a Meth drug addict who was telling people he wouldn't get the vaccine because it was not FDA approved, unaware of the irony of a drug addict making such a statement. I don't really care what personel reasons people have for not getting vaccinated. I believe their actions are endangering the lives of others. If you have to go to my DIL's ER for something other than Covid, you will probably get it there too, to go along with whatever else brought your there.
  14. This is the first I have heard of this. Would this impact a book like Thomas Wayment's The New Testament: A Translation for Latter-day Saints? Was there an official announcement on this?
  15. Pfizer gets full FDA approval. US regulators give full approval to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine One less excuse for anti-vaxers.
  16. I am curious. If a naturalistic explanation that you could accept were presented to you, would it change your opinion of it's historical claims?
  17. Not "thousands" Robert, and certainly Bushman cannot be held responsible for for those who do not read him correctly. Teddyunaware is once again making claims he cannot and will not back up.
  18. CFR "thousands of bitter former believers have depended on his "research" to justify their loss of faith".
  19. I love books. When I have the chance, I will peruse the library of members when I visit them. I have noticed two things in those libraries. Members tend to have more books by Nibley but the ones by Bushman are more likely to have been read. And I too am guilty of that.
  20. My son's best friend (30ish) died two days ago in a Georgia hospital. Strongly anti-vac until about two days before his death when he was tweeting how badly he wished he had got one. The guy's wife is in ICU and looks like she won't make it and their 5 yr old son is also hospitalized. My son's wife is an ICU nurse and can't convince her 24 yr old 4 month pregnant sister to get vaaccinated even after telling her about their best friend and all the other people my DIL has witness die alone in her hospital. Her sister says "I don't want to be part of a govenrment experiment." to which my DIL replies. "You already are. You're in the control group.". The numbers between the vaccinated and unvaccinated are staggering.
  21. These people are the real life equivalent of an internet troll. The best way to treat them is not react at all. They are just looking for a reaction, any reaction.
  22. I have spent a decade or more living in both Utah and Ca. I love both states. Recently my visits through the former made me think I was actually in Ca. Traffic congestion, overbuilding, housing prices (my original 30K low income house in Provo, that I sadly no longer own, is now worth almost 500K) and overpopulation in parts of Utah looked just like Ca. About the only significant difference in them now seems to be weather and earthquakes. I know a lot of members in the Santa Clarita area. I will touch bases with some of them to see if this was even an event to them.
  23. I suspect a lot. President McKay reacted this way to the initial publication of Mormon Doctrine.
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