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  1. I have watched the first two episodes. Here are some of my initial reactions and comments Contrary to UTBH, I actually recognized Mormon's and their behavior in this series. It seems quite well done. We have Mormons telling their story in their own environments. These people are talking and acting the way I believe Mormons act and talk. That is certainly due to the fact that this is a documentary, not some horribly written fictionalized drama. The main participants, two ex-husbands and the two gay ex-wives come across very sympathetically. The emotional journey all of them have been going through seems very real, especially one of the ex-husbands, who is struggling most with this change. The impact of the Church's stance on LBGTQ members and their families is on full display, BYU especially is being featured since these two couples both attended. Multiple side stories about how Gay students at the Y are told, especially those involved with lighting up the 'Y'. The CES letter is presented as part of the reason on of the couples lost belief. This happened before the two wives got together. So far I think it is quite good. It is giving a frank view of what it is like to come out to your family and church and the repercussion of doing so.
  2. Those that can afford to travel to Canada will do so, unfortunately this will have the greatest impact on poor women & girls who cannot afford the safer alternatives. But on the bright side the back alley abortion butchers who will now be in demand don't need a concealed carry permit to defend themselves! It's a wonderful world with all these new freedoms. ðŸĪ
  3. The entire story is weird. Anyone with a smart device (phone, tablet, TV, computer, etc.) connected to the internet should know that you can see "TV" programing on those devices. Hello? U-Tube TV anyone? So why should the person fret about HT not have an actual TV when he obviously has a computer connected to the internet? Also, the issue these days with wasting time in front of a screen isn't so much with TV as it is with social media. I mean it's not like any of us here have that problem is it?. I'll be right back after I check the Social Forum for new posts. ðŸĪŠ
  4. And this is currently officially taught where within the church?
  5. Which seems to be contradicted by the biblical account of how Adam was created. BY also had the Adam God teaching included in the temple so he does not have a great track record when it comes to Adam.
  6. I think it is culturally impacted. From the little I have read, an NDE in eastern societies is quite different from western ones. So perhaps the question CB should have asked is; has any eastern person who experienced an NDE came back and said western cultures have it right or vice versa?
  7. Wasn't Adam (if you think he is a literal figure) created outside a womb?
  8. No, this isn't a thread about why I left the church. Looks like Hulu is on a roll here with Mormon themed series. Starting tomorrow 24 June 2022 on Hulu (shoot! I cancelled my subscription because UTBH was so bad!) is a new documentary series called: "Mormon No More". "Mormon No More" Salt Lake Magazine Article. Let's hope it is better written than UTBH. From the Salt Lake Magazine article. It is already getting national attention. This morning on Good Morning America they did a bit on it.
  9. Did you mean "that SS relationships are equal to heterosexual relationships"? If not, I don't understand your question, if you did then I think the answer is no. I believe that defining their lifestyle as immoral is grounds for believing that one does not like them. When it comes to LGBT issues, I do not think "love the person hate the sin" passes the smell test. I do not think you can separate sexuality and gender from identity. In effect we are telling them that in God's eyes they have something wrong with them that will be corrected in the next life. I worked for a gay boss for 30 years. He became a good friend and was the best boss I ever had. I believe who he is, which includes being gay, is so fundamental to his nature that he would be a completely different person were he not gay. I partially base that on the fact he has a twin brother who was also my boss during that time and was a man I despised. Even though they were twins they was totally different people.
  10. Yep, when I didn't marry my 2nd grade sweetheart it was because of abuse.
  11. In 2nd grade, I promised Becky Jensen I would marry her when we grew up. In high school, Gail and & I told each other we would love each other forever and she promised to wait for me on my mission. Sue and I have been married for more than 40 years and Gail got married to someone else 6 months into my mission. Our lives are filled with decisions that we look back on and know that we would have made differently. I went though the temple for the first time at 19. I am not the same person 40 years later nor do I view God the same way as I did at 19. When we marry in the temple we covenant to be together forever. Should temple divorce not be allowed? People change. As LDS, we are mortal beings making eternal promises we simply do not comprehend.
  12. Of course one size does not fit all, but when dealing with people who are struggling with this issue I feel like the best approach would be to maintain a positive level of discussion, so instead of telling people their problems are like having cancer, I think it would be much better to suggest they may be exercising too much. For example my mother was addicted to genealogy work. It interfered on a daily basis with her life and personal relationships. Instead of telling her she had an addiction problem or sickness, it was easier to suggest she just give herself some time off to recover like an athlete would. If you really know someone who would physically have to damage themselves to treat too much Church involvement, that person is not just just "taking a break
  13. I think comparing those who are taking a break from the church to cancer and its horrible treatments might be seen as offensive to those actually taking a break. Maybe a better analogy would be someone who has commited to a certain exercise routine and finds that their body is not able to maintain it.
  14. How is "why is he here" relevant other than to attack his motives?
  15. I didn't realize this forum was intended to have posts only from active LDS.
  16. Were you knocking on doors that were clearly marked "No soliciting"?
  17. Smith was involved in treasure hunting activities before the BoM and after. Was he operating as a fraud in those pursuits or did he really believe he might find something? And, if he really believed he could find something, what makes you think he didn't believe others could also? The best con games are based on the belief or even knowledge that something actually exists. It's a lot easier to sell a bridge that actually exist than make one up. Whether or not he was a fraudster, he believed that metal plates with writing existed.
  18. What is really sad is that the real story is riviting stuff. It didn't need to be changed. Take that cast and production and show what actually happened and it's a 10. Christopher Hyerdahl, who plays the Lafferty's father, is creepy without having to say a word. What a waste.
  19. I gave up after the second episode. Sounds like it hasn't improved. I have been binge watching "Better Call Saul" lately and the writing there is fantastic, though I imagine there are a lot of lawyers and drug dealers out there complaining about how they are being misrepresented. 😉
  20. Artistic license only works when defending the church, otherwise it is no bueno.
  21. I do think it is a bit ironic when we complain that the series is not historically accurate. Hopefully if the do a flashback of Joseph translating the Book of Mormon they will at least show it accurately. 😏
  22. You parody is matched by a mirrored one of animosity current Mos feel about the same book. And, for the record, I don't believe either group has, for the most part, even read the book.
  23. Can't we combat depression that is a result of other factors? Obviously we can so I am not sure what your point is here.
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