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As I promised, A poem for Mother's Day...

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In another thread the worst Mother's Gifts were the topic. So as I promised some that I would share a Mother's Day gift for those who still have their Mothers. I only ask is that if shared in Church I ask that you mention my Mother's name and that she inspired this poem...

When My Mother Prays

When my mother prays
Angels take their flight.
To guard my way by day,
To protect me in the night.

When I forget in whom I trust
And bow on bended knee,
There is one who won't forget
To pled my case to Thee.

In darkness I have walked
Not knowing well the cost.
A voice was heard on high
Before my soul was lost.

In sickness and in health
Circumstances tho' they be,
My name Thou can't forget
When my Mother prays for me.

In the purest form of love
Her prayers for me are heard.
In language known to angels,
In the simple spoken word.

And yet these words ascend
To Thy throne exalted high.
Request for promised blessings
Which Thou cannot deny.

Blessed is her name,
Her devotion knows no bounds.
In her quit secret place
On her knees she will be found.

With courage, I will face
The trials of coming days.
The heavens shake for my good
When my Mother prays.

(William E. Lee)
Copyright 1995

Dedicated to my Mother who inspired this poem, I lost her two years ago.

Norma Francis Cooper Lee

October 30, 1932 until  March 24, 2014

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Oh PaPa..

My mom is gone..but I found her in your words and saw her love and care again.  That is so beautiful.  Thank you for sharing. It is through our Moms that we find the deepest love.  Hugs to you and yours.


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Like Jeanne, I too found my angel of a mom in your poem Pa Pa.  There was a time in my single adulthood that she nearly prayed her knees off for me, she was so worried.  I attribute her prayers to my coming back to activity in the church when I had a short stint of inactivity and "hanging with the wrong crowd" time.   

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