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"I Am A Child Of God" In Mandarin?

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My daughter was given an assignment by our stake youth leaders to organize a small workshop for an upcoming super-Saturday to teach other youth how to sing "I am a Child of God" Mandarin. (There's more to this event with other youth learning the same song in other languages but this is her specific assignment)

We've been doing a lot of googleing (Is that a word? lol) needless to say and not coming up with ANYTHING!

I would have thought LDS.org would have translation of this but maybe we're not looking in the right places or searching right?

Any ideas? Any suggestions? I welcome ANY thoughts you could share? Especially on HOW to teach it in under 3-4 hours to a group of 10-15 YM/YW in a fun way where they would be only learning how to sing it and memorize the words. With out a downloadable mp3 or even text however we're kinda scratching our heads at the moment. :huh:

Thanks in advance if you have something to share or can direct us to something esp on the web!

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