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  1. With respect I don’t think you understand my opinion (and likely that’s my fault for poorly explaining it). It’s not about the book being perfect. I can totally understand the imperfections of humans argument as well a loose translation heavily influenced by the environment of the translator (the in this instance KJV). What I can’t understand is a God that messes with us. An analogy to another field would be saying the earth is actually 6000 years old but God made it look like it aged and developed over 4.5 billion years. That’s not something a loving father does. Likewise, I can’t see God using Nephi (who is not directly quoting Isaiah here) talking in a totally different context to confirm that the KJV translators somehow correctly restored the original Isaiah manuscript.
  2. I’d actually say that I can’t understand a God that would throw up stumbling blocks. If he wanted it in the manuscript, then tell Isaiah to put it there. Don’t raise doubt in the most perfect book on earth and slide it in backwards.
  3. I’m afraid I don’t follow this at all. Differences are expected. It would take a miracle to translate from Hebrew to Aramaic to Greek and have things come out word for word. Especially since it’s possible that much of it came from oral traditions where taking a bit of leeway with the words is not a big deal. What it’s odd here is that Nephi is word for word copying the words of English translators making stuff up in the 1500’s. So either there is a loose translation going on where Joseph (or your 16th century translator) used the familiar words of the mistranslated Bible to loosely convey Nephi’s meaning, or … I’m drawing a blank on other faithful options here.
  4. Can you differentiate between these two statements: In a sane world everyone that believes T**** won the election would be locked up or worse. Everyone that stormed the capitol should be prosecuted according to their crimes.
  5. You probably don’t want the “critics” answer, so from a faithful perspective, I’d say this is evidence for a loose translation heavily influenced by Joseph’s mind and culture.
  6. So when Woodruff states to the world: ”We are not teaching polygamy or plural marriage, nor permitting any person to enter into its practice, and I deny that either forty or any other number of plural marriages have during that period been solemnized in our Temples or in any other place in the Territory.” but then continues to allow the Saints to enter into the principal that looks like lying to me. You can say that he was lying to serve a greater purpose, but I think “a front” was a generous way to put it.
  7. Given that OD1 was basically just a front and church leaders continued to practice plural marriage in secret for over a decade, it's pretty difficult to take anything they say about it at face value. ymmv.
  8. Some things feel like they should be off limits. This reminds me of Westburo Baptist funeral protests, abortion clinic protests, or protests outside "adult" facilities. When people are harrassed going about living their lives, especially when their privacy is invaded, it feels like a significant line has been crossed. https://www.nytimes.com/1995/08/13/us/in-shifts-utah-mormons-protest-at-adult-bookstore-in-nevada.html
  9. It seems to me that their are several parallels here. From leadership infallibility, to doctrinal changes etc. Certainly more than some topics around here.
  10. Agree with your last paragraph. That said, the section has a very PR / politician spin kind of feel. It appears to me (so just my opinion) that is written so that non-members will not think we believe in theosis, while placating members. Both groups, by design, can read the same words and come away with very different impressions.
  11. Since we are giving testimonials here, I love my caffeine. Coffee drinking picked up in earnest 2.5 years ago when baby 5 came along. She was and is a horrible night time sleeper. And now baby 6 (and done!) is here. Oh my. Being able to supplement with extra caffeine on the really bad nights is really nice. Plus it tastes great. Don’t get me wrong, there is no substitute for a good nights sleep, but caffeine definitely helps for those of us that can’t get it. Wish I had it years ago when I had to work month long night shift turnarounds.
  12. Where is that from? Looks beautiful!
  13. Cognitive bias comes for us all. We should all try and increase our skepticism of things we see that confirm our beliefs. That’s hard though. And antithetical to maintaining faith (doubt your doubts and all that).
  14. The doctrine that I grew up with was that we were all Gods in embryo. An outsider reading that FAQ would not be left with that impression.
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