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  1. This. Unless Mr John has type 1 himself or is a medical doctor that specializes in this particular area, that type of behavior is pretty disgusting.
  2. Well I’m this particular case, my sarcasm is not directed at you and I had no intent to make you a fool.
  3. I’m not surprised because I’ve read too many of SMAC’s posts on gay issues. And sarcasm is my go to coping mechanism. Something I should work on for sure.
  4. Says the person who thinks nothing of leveling accusations of child molestor and sex offender at people just because they are gay.
  5. All hail Smac. Fighting prejudice in one breath, meanwhile downvoting the lived experience of a brand new Latter Day Saint in the next. Truly he is amazing.
  6. I’d like to say I was surprised to see your post downvoted by so-called “saints”, but I am not.
  7. I’m sure you’re not dumb (sure) but you do realize that correlation and causation are not the same thing right? I mean certainly you must know this? No one can be that out of touch with reality right?
  8. And the men were exploited as much as the women working long hours under horrific conditions. None of which has anything to do with your fetishized idea of a domestic house wife. Indeed. Though one could argue the same about the agricultural revolution. Perhaps more so. But we have indeed made progress since the start of the Industrial Revolution, and that progress didn’t magically stop at 1950, your fantasies not withstanding.
  9. What is this “traditional” you are talking about. We are hunters and gatherers by nature. Once agriculture hit, families worked farms together. Even at the start of the Industrial Revolution women worked in mills and mines even. The fetish some men have here about the domestic house wife, with a male bread winner existed in a relatively small fraction of the worlds population over an extremely short period of time - a blip even.
  10. What’s different between here and there? Why is perfection possible there but not here?
  11. How is this different than what happens at the resurrection? It’s my understanding that members believe that perfection is unobtainable in this life. That we all sin. That no perfect being in this life existed except for Jesus. Yet in the celestial kingdom, everyone will be sinless. So what changes between here and there? If we pass this test, doesn’t God change is so that we are “good” by nature?
  12. You’re the one who claims God can do it. Well, if She can and you expect me to believe it, then yes I would like evidence beyond fairy tales.
  13. Anyone can write a story in a book. Let me know when God heals your severed appendage with documentation.
  14. Except for Nephi, the anti Nephi Lehites, and when Samuel told Saul to “go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy[a] all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.’” (of obedience is better than sacrifice fame).
  15. This is a circular statement invented by apologists. What would it take to “imperil” someone’s exaltation when apologists can loop back to the infinite atonement that fixes everything in the life to come. The prophet told you to murder someone and you did? Well the atonement will surely take care of that. “My boy, you always keep your eye on the President of the Church and if he ever tells you to do anything, and it is wrong, and you do it, the Lord will bless you for it.”
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