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  1. You and I must have listened to different conversations. Long appears to suggest that 1) the most likely disclosure to come from a child is a piecemeal disclosure or an accidental disclosure. 2) Most people aren't trained to know what that looks like. Long gives two examples of this. It appears that what Long is saying is similar to this: https://www.childhelp.org/story-resource-center/handling-child-abuse-disclosures/ Nothing here suggests that explicit sexual questions need to be asked. What needs to be done is to recognize what a piecemeal or indirect disclosure
  2. He’s just letting us know 🙄 loved this reply (for fans of the office):
  3. While I agree with you, someone really needs to make this point to the folks running the church. see point 2 here: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/2020/02/eight-truths-from-the-first-vision?lang=eng
  4. For the curious: https://book-of-abraham-facsimile-no-3.my-free.website
  5. Edit: Cardon Ellis approached FM with the idea per Calm not the other way around as I originally thought Kwaku fits into the latter category quite nicely.
  6. For the record, I find John Dehlin’s comments about Kwaku also disturbing. It’s gotta be hard to be Kwaku so I’m inclined to cut him a bit of slack (this does not extend to the person who actually created the video).
  7. I think calling the police was the right thing to do (not 911 though). The video was disgusting and disturbing. That said, Dehlin’s attempt to monetize this, his publicly hosting of the video, and his reaching out to Kwaku all undermine his position as “victim”.
  8. I have a hard time believing John Dehlin is scared of violence from this video when the only place I can find it currently is on his YouTube page. also this from Kate Kelly: I’m an exmormon critic for what it’s worth. I think the video was in extreme poor taste, but pretty much everything mister Dehlin is associated with is in poor taste.
  9. It’s what I do whenever I see your name. Just letting you know.
  10. These pesky facts: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Presidential_vacations Trump’s first term total well exceeds the cost of 8 years for the Obama’s!? Wow. I’m sure you are outraged now.
  11. I know Trump fans aren’t truth fans but Trump golfs almost three times as much as Obama. https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-defends-golf-trips-falsely-claims-less-than-obama-2020-7 also I’m not sure that watching Fox News, insulting people on Twitter and nightly calls to Sean Hannity counts as working for the country. Just saying.
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