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  1. Intellectual reserve holds all of the church’s intellectual property. The link shows that they received a trademark for the word “Mormon” in 2007
  2. That does not seem right. Especially in the context of the accused not being able to record or even take written notes per the handbook.
  3. This is a bit rich in the context of this thread. If the individual wants a record of it, it’s for their “benefit” not to have it? A bit condescending don’t you think?
  4. Just as an FYI, it really hasn’t worked out that way for Delhin who was exed in 2015. Wiki reports: In 2016 the Open Stories foundation reported Dehlin's 2017 salary and bonus was $82,500 and $27,000 respectively.[11] In 2018 the Open Stories Foundation reported total compensation to Dehlin of over $226,000.[12] In 2019 the Open Stories Foundation reported total compensation to Dehlin of over $236,000.[13]
  5. For those familiar with the process are the meeting minutes from councils made available to all parties?
  6. I’m not disagreeing. The church can run things however they want. If you trace this particular thread of the conversation back, I merely observed that by not clearly communicating^ that cell phones would not be allowed the church caused itself some pain here that could have been avoided. *assuming Natasha is being truthful here.
  7. While I agree that her behavior is bad, I hope you don’t judge everyone’s “inner self” by extrapolating from their worst moments.
  8. I got what she meant. I would be willing to bet that church hq was advising them on this. Are you saying that signing a non-recording contract and having to surrender your phone is standard practice at all disciplinary councils?
  9. That’s ridiculous. She seems to be determined to make the church’s apostasy case for them. I’m not sure what type of defense she prepared, but I don’t think the prosecution would need to bring anything besides the tape from that evening.
  10. I am certainly not surprised they banned phones. What did you say about it being the SP’s first time. Clearly something was lost in translation, but I don’t think based on the evidence that I’ve seen presented that phones were explicitly prohibited. I agree, not how I’d do it. I’d use a laptop. But I doubt they’d have allowed that either?
  11. I'm not seeing it. I'm referring to the one "Update to Natasha Helfer’s Membership Council. Natasha Helfer shares her personal thoughts including a step-by-step retelling of the night’s events. " The video is 2:47:41 long. She doesn't talk about email at that timestamp. I'm just wanting to quote her accurately, which is why I'm being persistent. Plus, it adds more to the story. I’m on Facebook Mormon story podcast page. It’s not the exact same video since the length isn’t what you say, but since I recognize most of your quotes it’s of the same moment (her stream of consciousn
  12. If the purpose is to protect the church I think there were a lot of unforced errors on the church’s part here. Doing something that can be spun as “forcing a single mom to cancel her work for an entire week (due to the extreme short notice), then pay her own way to fly to a place she hasn’t lived for 18 months, only to turn her away at the door because you hadn’t communicated that no phones were allowed” isn’t a great look. And I am sure there is another side to this narrative, but in every case the these errors serve no purpose. They could have given her more notice, held the council in Utah
  13. 1:45:10 on Facebook. And yes, it was clear that it was emotional stream of consciousness. And I will be the first to say I have no idea as to why she wants to be a member after listening to a couple minutes of it.
  14. I appreciate you wading through that, to find the time stamp, but I didn't get that out of what she said (which is obviously one sided). FWIW, my opinion is that she should just resign (that's what I did). I pulled up the feed on the Mormon Stories Podcast, and at minute 1:46:30, she says that she was invited to leave after declining to email them her private notes to print. She also states that nowhere was she informed that she would be required to turn off her phone.
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