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  1. I just assumed she was talking about the one coming in less than two weeks
  2. Quicker than the timeline missionaries push for during the conversation process?
  3. I said nothing about destroying the print or shutting down the press. I'm talking about the destruction of the printing press itself.
  4. It was my understanding that the destruction of private property was illegal. No? (Not saying it was a capital offense regardless)
  5. “Most gay members realize the church has nothing for them and leave.” Most does not equal all. And I will note that in a recent podcast (shared by Robert on another thread), Tom Christofferson said Elder Holland’s talk left him feeling like his legs were swept out from under him. He described how offensive he finds the idea that he will be straight in the eternities (comparing it to the doctrine that everyone will be white in heaven).
  6. From President Eyring and this from Elder Bednar: Is it not reasonable to hold people to account for the standard that they teach?
  7. With respect (and if I understand correctly) you left the faith of your youth while you were an undergraduate in college. There is a world of difference between that and leaving something you have dedicated a long life to. Just sayin’.
  8. Yes vaccinated people are getting sick. Some are going to the hospital and some are even dying. The vaccines aren't preventing everyone from getting Delta, and as you say Mu is making an appearance. So as a vaccinated individual, I know I'm going to get Covid at some point. It doesn't matter how much I distance, mask, go in crowded places or not, at some point I will likely contract this disease. But here's the thing. That really isn't a problem. People get sick all the time. It's only a problem if our healthcare system can't handle the influx and vaccines reduce the burden on the health care system by orders of magnitude. So why is there is a problem right now? Our hospitals are full to overflowing. What is the source of this? People making the stupid choice not to vaccinate. As Jimmy Kimmel points out, people who have heart attacks are having trouble getting care. Why? Because people aren't vaccinated. Do they deserve to die? No. Jimmie didn't even say anything close to that. He said that if hospitals are full, and people are going to die because there isn't enough care to go around, he'd choose the people that chose to put themselves in that situtation. Feel free to have the last word.
  9. I don't know what's hard to understand. It seems like you think there are only two proper responses to this pandemic. If you take it seriously, you will lock yourself in a room with no human contact for the rest of your life. Anything less than that and you are basically doing no better than those that have not gotten vaccinated and purposefully hold no mask parties. Indeed, except we have a vaccine this year, no? Right now we have a hospital epidemic because of people making the stupid decision not to vaccinate.
  10. Again with the goal post moving. They are following cdc guidelines for the show. I don’t watch Kimmel, but to be in the audience you have to be vaccinated and masked (and they are specific about what type of face mask is appropriate). Sounds much safer than walking into an LDS chapel - that’s for sure.
  11. As a means of venting frustration (among the vaccinated people that watch his show)? Yes. In actual practice (I.e. turn the unvaccinated away at hospitals)? No*. It’s hyperbole. As one prong in a multi prong effort to encourage vaccination? Not sure. Shame and shunning can be a motivator, but it can also put people off. *I am definitely in favor of charging more for both health insurance and care for those that are unvaccinated though by choice (I.e. without a health exemption).
  12. People making stupid choices is one thing that seems to cross party lines, so you might be surprised. The ultra liberal non-meat eaters historically have been as anti-vax as any right wing group.
  13. 🙃 alert. That is really, really funny! People dying is always a hoot. Especially when their death is payback from their own foolish actions. Let's play that out to its logical conclusion. Overweight people who contract the virus and go to the hospital. Smokers who are dying of lung cancer. Diabetics who don't control sugar levels. Drivers who drink and drive or don't wear seat belts. Tweakers who just be tweakers. Pedestrians who do not look both ways when crossing the street. Motorcyclists who don't wear helmets. Folks who get AIDS. Swimmers who ignore the riptide warnings. Gourmands who eat fugu. Junkies who shoot up with used needles. Kids who play with fire. The list is endless. So many beds could be freed up! Rest in peace, all you fools! QED End 🙃 alert. Did Jimmie Kimmel swear a Hippocratic Oath not to mock people who make stupid choices? Obviously doctors will treat everyone they can regardless of the choices they make prior to walking in the door. You however make a false equivalency between people who choose not to get two free shots that are highly effective and have next to zero side effects and people who are overweight. People who study the matter have found that one's weight is as genetically linked as one's intelligence. There is no easy cure to obesity - that would require a society wide shift in diet (I have no respect for people that shame the overweight). Now in a counterfactual world, where there was a two shot cure for obesity that had no side effects and our hospitals were overrun with those suffering from the side effects of obesity? Yes in that counterfactual world I think it would be appropriate for a comedian to make fun of those people that were burdening the rest of us because they have decided their neighbors are better sources for medical information than our health institutions.
  14. If there was a free, safe, and effective two shot solution to these problems, then yes you would see people similarly condemn those that suffer from those afflictions.
  15. Well to this lay person, it appears that Covid is a rapidly mutating endemic virus that we will all be catching over and over again for the rest of our lives. Hopefully severity will go down with each infection. Thank goodness we have such an amazing vaccine to bring down the mortality and severity of the first infection.
  16. Those that believe the prophecies most literally seem to be most against taking any sort of communal effort to prevent such things. The world is ending as foretold - there is nothing we can do to stop it.
  17. Imagine someone coming to your door and promising a heaven where your opposite gender attraction struggles will be cured and you can spend eternity with someone of the same gender. Sound tempting?
  18. And yet he is denied companionship. Elder Holland had previously stated that Heaven could not be Heaven without that companionship. Look at your item life. What has that companionship with Sister Gui meant for you?
  19. I hope not. Most gay members realize the church has nothing for them and leave. Reference the two members of the popular byutv show studio c.
  20. One of the worst things about religion is its ability to convince people to live a life of suffering and pain in the hope of some eternal reward. Suffering and pain come for us all, but to choose it seems so sad.
  21. Which led to changes in its practice for both. Today the church is even agnostic on whether the priesthood ban and it’s surrounding doctrinal justifications (based on at least as many scriptures as the justification for its anti lgbtq stance) were just man made mistakes imported from society at large.
  22. It certainly does. Plural marriage, and the church’s stance on its members of African descent come to mind. What did the church do in the face of persecution for those?
  23. @Teancum can speak for himself, but it seems to me that he misread Pogi, and you are misreading him. Teancum is saying the brethren have no issues stirring up controversy when they want to. (I.e. they say what they want to say regardless of the controversy it may cause - for example, I’m sure the brethren know a significant portion of the membership in the United States is anti mask and anti vaccine). This could still be true even if Pogi is correct (on the fact that the brethren do their best not to stir up controversy on this issue).
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