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  1. Translated, your native language is Dutch no?
  2. That view does not allow for growth as a person. I’m not the same person I was twenty, ten or even five years ago.
  3. Of his stuff in Dutch, this would be the place to try if you were interested (in my opinion): https://www.lastdodo.com/en/items/5645835-het-laatste-rijk
  4. Yeah, Sanderson has actually said he regrets some of the themes in that book and would have done it differently if he had it over again. Part of the reason he left that alone (was originally intended to be a few books).
  5. But he’s not bald? Edit, oh you meant bad! Sorry for the misunderstanding! Of course you do you!
  6. Are you talking of Card? If so I agree. Sanderson not so much.
  7. The writer is what’s wrong with so much. Dripping with derision, deigning to come down from his ivory tower in San Francisco and forced to watch the horror of a teenage boy adding salt to his food. I think it’s fine to like Sanderson’s writing or not. Art comes down to taste. But this piece was horrible.
  8. I saw the article headline and browsed when this came out. How did they determine the arrow of causality? Does strife in a relationship result in an increase in porn use or vise versa? Seems like determining this should be done before drawing any substantive conclusions. YMMV.
  9. Up until your religious beliefs dictate that self governance no longer applies apparently.
  10. Wisdom I’m not capable of achieving…
  11. Do you have a point? I’m going off the same public information as everyone else. If you a single shred of evidence to the contrary, I’m all ears. But if all you got is your church’s “carefully worded denials” and obfuscation I’m not interested in your word pretzel games.
  12. Surplus tithing is the money given to EPA to invest.
  13. And the church makes up global fast offering shortfalls using surplus tithing? So any donation I give to fast offerings offsets the need for tithing money. Tithing money that is then available to be saved (and never be touched for years) for what the first presidency alone knows what purpose. Not good enough for me. They don’t really have great track record in transparency and truth. Quite the opposite actually. YMMV.
  14. I’ve always heard this, and if it’s true all the more reason not to donate. When I first left the church I still donated to the local ward’s fast offering, until I learned that the church had been funneling excess tithes into a 100 billion dollar “rainy day fund” with no disclosure, and no purpose on the record. Never gave again. Any dollar I give to the fast offering fund, offsets the need for tithing, which creates an excess for the “rainy day” fund.
  15. Enough about the Bible, this thread is about Islam.
  16. Just found this as well which makes exceptions for risk of death and significant bodily injury to the attorney client privilege: https://www.americanbar.org/groups/public_interest/child_law/resources/child_law_practiceonline/child_law_practice/vol-34/november-2015/rule-limits-when-attorneys-may-report-child-abuse/ So @smac97 ‘s assertion that religious practitioners are being targeted for reporting while physicians and attorneys are not seems to be false.
  17. I believe it’s a hedge from being condemned by small minded members who view any diversity of thought as apostasy.
  18. I’m not sure the SEC report falls in this category. This is by design. The church operates to maintain as much fog as possible on its finances.
  19. I avoid the acronym because it’s used as a pejorative by some. But I do think it’s a useful descriptor. I tend towards simply using the phrase “true believers.” And I disagree with California Boy’s characterization here. This thread has shown a wide spectrum of responses from true believers. From Pogi’s hurt, to Bluebell’s desire for better understanding (and withholding judgement). Bsjkki called it not a good look in the third post of the thread. There is also, of course, a very vocal group of believers engaged in reflexive apologetics and an “alls well in Zion”take as well. Since these poster’s posts are greater in number, it’s easy to forget the others.
  20. The original meaning was almost certainly “despite” all we can do: https://interpreterfoundation.org/ldsp-despite-all-we-can-do-with-daniel-o-mcclellan/
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