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Nursing/in Home Care Business Advertising


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Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I'll do it anyway.  Anyone ever do in home health as a nurse?  Looking to go independent.  Know of a few people who do it, it's getting my name out there.  Part of it is disgust with the level of care I've seen at facilities and the amount of money they soak these people for.  I like the idea of not only making a decent profit but also providing decent care without crooked managment/admins shortchanging everything they can.  I've considered churches so thought I'd ask here.  Anyone have some ideas?  I'd appreciate them.  Thanks!

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My aunt did both in home nursing care and in home hospice care, but as far as I can tell she always worked for a company that did it rather than as an independent.  

I also have a friend who was a CNA I believe who did it independently.  I know she found one of her jobs because lived in the mobile home court where the patient was. Perhaps you can ask retired communities like this if they have a place to put fliers?

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