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Elder Pearson's Fair Mormon talk


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Scroll down to August 3 at 1PM, the stream is free.

I've been waiting for someone to post about this: guess it is I.   Elder Pearson is the first GA to speak at FairMormon, and although he was asked, he came on assignment from the Apostles, and representing the church.   His plea was that members spend more time and more money on independently talking about church doctrine and experiences from a faithful perspective on social media and youtube videos to counteract what post and anti mormons are putting online.   He said that he understands that everything posted will not be correlated, but that is okay, since people who are looking need to find material that helps them continue wanting to meet with missionaries and get their own testimonies.   The church is not intending to co-opt this: they need to be independent voices to help people with faithful answers and lives.  

He also answered a question in which the answer was strengthening family relationship is more important if you have to decide between teaching the gospel and doing that.   He pointed out that no one hears what people say if they haven't developed the relationship and prioritized it over the argument.  (My words.)

Worth a listen, was covered in the Newsroom:https://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/elder-pearson-independent-voices-needed-sustain-faith  .



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That is rather weird.  Been a long time since UVU was in Provo, wasn't UVU then, but Utah Tech.  Probably just a typo, going to university automatically rather than Convention Center.

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I really get this problem.    People on the anti side claim that BofA is slam dunk proof, when how could it be when some 21 (?) fragments of a 6 foot (? don't remember how long) scroll still exists.   Yes the facsimiles are challenged,  but then experts have changed their minds before.

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