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Seeking next ministry


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Seeking input/suggestions.

Having accomplished the backlog of things I intended years back to get rolling/done, and having handed off the few remaining portions of that to others (which likely includes you), I'm ready for the next phase of my life.

I have asked others for suggestions, and am beginning to weigh secular/spiritual/family options, but have not yet landed on anything that resonates as the right thing/place for this phase of life.

Wife/kids have zero interest in maintaining contact, so I am highly mobile.

Meyers/Briggs: INTP (Analytical/Amiable)

Staying in Utah isn't very practical for a number of reasons, (although I love Utah's people/climate/scenery/parks).

Would be happy being of service pretty much anywhere on the planet.

Currently considering further formal education, including graduate degree programs in Utah and in three countries beyond USA. But haven't yet decided whether to even pursue formal education.

Temporarily stumped...suggestions are welcome...(general or specific)

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Zero interest doesn't mean that you should abandon contact.   Just means you regularly make contact in an uplifing way, even if you believe that it will not be opened or read.  (I'd do it by fun postcards from wherever I was.)

Depending on how much or not you need to support you, there are a whole lot of humanitarian needs in the world.   You might do some trips with Choice Humanitarian to help you figure out something that would work for you.

Also, why don't you consider a service mission as a way of helping you figure out what is possible.   (Deseret Ranch in FL (and probably the ranch in Nebraska) hire cowboys).)


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