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Would you ever condone sexual relations before marriage?

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13 minutes ago, Ahab said:

My sister is the sort of person who would ask before bringing somebody like that to a family reunion, and I am the sort of person who is open and honest and very direct when sharing my feelings and beliefs with others who are close to me.

Not sure if she's going to want to bring this one with her this time, but... don't worry, I'll respond appropriately if she does.

As a big brother, the eldest brother, should.

I'd imagine she already knows your feelings on this topic and what you feel is right for you.  I doubt you'd need to repeat them.  Just tell her you love her and want her at the reunion.

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I generally agree with the sentiment to live and let live. The determination, however, to countenance these lifestyles is based simply on the standard of what is legal & consensual. Is that the litmus? What if the family member in question brought TWO sexual partners ? And yes, I'm pushing the envelope in order to tease out what the determining factor is. In light of the thread's scenario, is there ever a time when one should not countenance such arrangements? Is it always live and let live?

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