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Post Things In The News Or General Discussion Subforums?


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Often times I will post a news item in the News subforum which I am certain is the right place, but then someone also posts it in the General Discussions subforum where it gets more discussion and the News post gets very little attention or is shut down. Should I just start posting all news items in the General Discussion subforum from now on?

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There's definitely inconsistency in which goes in which.

I think news is for anything that is really not doctrinal in any way.  So the death of an apostle for instance has definite doctrinal themes (calling a new apostle etc).

I think the only things that go in news well are things like news on the progress of building City Creek or some other Church owned building or the water shortage in California turning the temple grounds brown.


Since most things get tied to doctrine eventually though sometimes I wonder why the News forum even exists.

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