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Dairy-Free Recipes?


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So, my doctor put me on a dairy-free diet for the next month or so (problems with my digestive system leftover from my mission are getting worse), and I am suddenly aware of how much dairy I ate without even noticing. I have to check the labels on everything now, and pretty much everything says "may contain milk" on it, which my doctor tells me is out.


I did find a really good recipe for Mexican chocolate pudding. It's more like a chocolate mousse, but it's quite good (I cut the sugar down to 1/2 cup, as the original recipe was a bit too sweet for me).




Any suggestions?


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I have a good non dairy hot dog recipe.


You put a weiner in a bun, place it on a paper towel, microwave about 45 seconds. Then instead of pouring milk over it or spooning ice cream on to it, you put as much mustard on there as you want. 

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I hope you enjoyed my silly joke jkwilliams, and also hope you get well. God bless.



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